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Go barefoot!

The benefits of grounding

When was the last time you stood with bare feet on the ground?

Last summer?

Other mammals are physically in contact with the ground all the time, yet we hardly ever do.

Grounding, or earthing, is what happens when we walk on the ground, the grass, the earth, the sand, in bare feet.

The idea is that it helps to balance us. Inside us we have a slight electrical charge; it's what keeps the heart pumping. We also can hold static electricity, and can conduct electricity (electric shocks). Physical bodily contact with the earth literally earths us.

Going barefoot is good for us. Grounding has been shown to improve mood, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, release free radicals.

It's too cold! I hear you cry. Think of it as a sensory experience. At the beginning of March a group of us walked a grass labyrinth in bare feet, on one of my Mama Retreat Days, and it was only 8°, with an overnight frost. Wim Hoff's ice bath challenge can get back in the box! The sensations heightened the experience, especially putting our socks back on at the end.

Walking a labyrinth bare foot is a different experience to walking it with shoes. You feel more connected to the earth, more aware of your surroundings, and of the path.

Adding mindfulness and connection to nature helps with wellbeing, self confidence, and relaxation.

Why not go barefoot this weekend?

Suggestions for grounding:

  • Intentionally stand on the grass in bare feet. Notice what it feels like.

  • Be aware of the ground below you, and the air above you.

  • Notice the temperature, the texture.

  • Be aware of your connection with the earth, with the planet.

  • Notice your body and any physical sensations arising.

  • Let any thoughts or feelings float up, and make note, without judgement or analysing. Walk, move, dance, as you wish.

  • Spend a few minutes reflecting on the experience, if you wish.

If you would like to walk a labyrinth barefoot check out my upcoming weekend retreat.

In April I have an online wellbeing retreat programme, called Springing, and grounding was an optional task.

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