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virtual retreats

We parent better when we are happier, when we have enough in our emotional tank to give, to be patient, and to respond with love.

We also deserve to do things for ourselves, and to be happy, because we are individual human beings in our own right.

Here are some online programmes and events for you, chilled mama, papa, parent, person.

Some are for you to do individually, in your own time. Others are group programmes/events on Zoom, though you can also follow them on your own by watching the recording. 

Wintering square (1).png

Online wellbeing retreat programme taking inspiration from the seasons.

Give yourself time to relax & think about yourself, to connect to your inner wisdom.

5 in 5 balance challenge square.png

Restore your balance in 5 days.

Bring yourself calm and joy, whatever is going on.

Want more?

Why not come on a day or weekend retreat with me. Really top up your emotional resilience tank. Connect with yourself in an even deeper level. Feel super relaxed to your bones. Treat yourself. You deserve it. 

day retreats
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