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be inspired by the season to have fun, rest, and burst with flavour

"In the summertime,
when the weather is hot,
you can stretch right up
and touch the sky."

Mungo Jerry
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Summer! Long, warm days. Vacations. Spending time outside. Having fun. Trying new things. These are some of the things I love about summer? How about you?

Summer is a busy, active time, with different pressures, and changing routines. 

Take a mini break, join the Summering programme and give yourself some time out to relax and reflect, and focus on you. 

Here's some feedback from the Wintering and Springing programmes:

"Just wanted to say, before our last Springing session this eve, how much I've enjoyed these sessions!   

Honestly, your 'way' is really lovely in a soothing "All's good!" kind of way where no one is made to feel guilty if they haven't had time to do the homework! I just wanted to make sure you knew how good it feels to be part of a group you are leading."

"Each activity and the silences between was just long enough and the relaxations were absolutely perfect for inducing a deep rest. I slept so well after these sessions as they allowed me to release any stored tension and soften into the evening."

“Really good, simple exercises, easy on our tired brains.”


"That was a lovely session Cathy, so helpful to reflect on where I’ve been and to see changes."

“Thank you again for creating such a soothing supportive opportunity to reflect and go within.”

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Free pdf Energy Tracker


Checking in and noticing your state, your energy, your emotions, your creativity levels, this can help you to be more aware and then you can do something about it, and resource yourself.

That's why I have created an 'energy tracker'. The idea is to create your own key using colours, shapes, or whatever, for the different energy levels and then record how you feel each day, for the month of July. 

When you look back at the end of the month you can give yourself a little audit. How many days did you have enough energy? What was it about the days you had more energy, or less energy? What can you do to resource yourself?

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The Summering sessions will take you on a summer journey: bringing you into your present, noticing the good things, being open to the new and the fun, finding balance between being and doing, and finally stepping into your power, expanding into yourself, being you to the fullest.

Embrace the warmth:   

Relax & centre yourself, with gratitude.

Have fun:   

Give yourself permission. Try new things.

Take time to rest:   

Balance work, play and rest.

Expand into you:   

Burst with flavour.


The programme follows the Chilled Mama retreat process to help you to pause, relax, tune into your thoughts and inner wisdom, be open to release and receive, and to be you, unique and wonderful you.


The tools we'll use include relaxation, guided finger labyrinth, reflection prompts, forest bathing ideas, and meditation/quiet reflection.


You will get a pdf workbook to accompany the programme, with space for writing, drawing, scribbling your thoughts.

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Here's a relaxation MP3 from the Springing programme.

Springing Fire relaxation visualisation

Summering sessions

Summering takes place over four evenings, via live online sessions, on Zoom. These will also be recorded, if you want to follow in your own time. Plus there are some extra ideas for you to do in between, if you wish.


Each session will be approximately 45-60 minutes. I recommend you plan to take a further 15 mins or so to rest and transition after the session, before returning to family life.

Monday 10 July, 8.00pm 

Embrace the warmth.

Relax, centre yourself, and reflect with gratitude.  

Monday 17 July, 8pm 

Have fun.

Relax & reflect. What brings you joy?

Monday 24 July, 8.00pm

Rest in the shade. 


Monday 31 July, 8.00pm

Expand into you. 

Relax & reflect on ripening your unique flavour.

I will guide you through the process, but we are all different so my suggestions will be just that, suggestions. You can take what you want/need, and use the tools I share in the way that works for you. There will be no sharing, unless you wish to share your thoughts. 

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Sign up for Summering!

Access to the live sessions, recordings, MP3s, workbook: just £36


  • If you join Summering after the start of the programme you will still have access to all the previous downloads and also recordings of the sessions to watch in your own time.​

  • Access to resources indefinitely.

  • Non-refundable.

  • Summering is free to all those booked onto my weekend retreat

“Smell the sea and feel the sky.
Let your soul and spirit fly.”

Van Morrison

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