Day dream your way to a better birth

A pregnancy relaxation course.

Would you like to feel more relaxed? And prepare for your baby's birth whilst day dreaming?

When you're pregnant there's so much to do and learn and find out and buy and plan. This course will be a little oasis in the week, a perfect pregnant pause to totally chill out and destress. 

At the same time, without any extra effect from you, you'll be preparing your body and mind for your baby's birth.


Practising relaxation helps your body respond and relax in labour.

A useful, practical course that has left me feeling more confident. I can do this!

A useful box of tools for birth and preparation.

A down to earth approach.

Has really built my confidence to believe I can to this!

Being able to relax in labour: 

  • Reduces the pain (gas and air and pethadine work because they are muscle relaxants).

  • Lets the birth hormones flow, giving you a shorter labour.

  • Gives you tools to help you cope with the waves of power (aka contractions/surges)

  • Helps you cope with whatever happens.

  • Gives you distraction tools if you have an epidural or caesarean.

It also helps you sleep in pregnancy!

After the session I had the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time.


Visualisation is a tool used by athletes and top business people, and people wanting to change their lives (i.e. stop smoking, get over fear of flying.) 
Aids relaxation, helping you to go into a deeper relaxed state.
Creates neural pathways in the brain so you can train your body to do stuff by day dreaming. 

Plus - I will teach you the best and easiest 'breathing through contractions' technique. I used it with all of mine to great effect. Surpised myself by not even needing gas and air!

Penny Simkin, antenatal educator and first doula trainer, says that women who cope well with labour do the three Rs: relaxation, repetition, and ritual.

World renowned midwife Mary Cronk recommends 'going saggy with the contractions'. 

You will have a Mp3 of the relaxation and each visualisation plus a caesarean preparation visualisation.

You also can tap into my knowledge and experience of 15 years of supporting women and couples prepare for meeting their baby. I'm an antenatal teacher and doula. 


  • reduced price on bespoke visualisation 

  • free birth plan guidefree guide to building your own visualisations 

  • free guide to planning a gentle caesarean

  • free video on home birth/ hbac

  • reduced price on virtual doula service

So come and chill out with me.

Come on your own, or bring your partner so they can chill out too, and learn the techniques so they can help you.

Next course starts:

Sunday 12 November,

6.00 - 7.30pm

For four weeks.

Takes place in Toddington, Bedfordshire.


Cost:   £95 or £120 for a couple.


Individual sessions


I can come to your house and do individual relaxation sessions. £45 for an hour session.  For more information:

What's the difference between your relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis?


Self-hypnosis in childbirth, or hypno-birthing, is a really useful thing to do.  There is a big study that's been done looking into its impact on pain and childbrith outcomes, and the results should be published soon. Anecdotal reports suggest it reduces pain and also length of labour.  

Hypnosis isn't actually like stage hypnosis.  Stage hypnosis is very carefully planned and set up.  Self-hypnosis involves going into a very relaxed state and then listening to suggestions and tools, including imagery, around the outcomes you want, whether it is stopping smoking, flying, or coping with contractions.


Many of the tools I use in the relaxation sessions are similar to those in self-hypnosis for pregnancy and birth.


If you're not sure about self-hypnosis then doing my course will give you a taste of the benefits without the hypnosis.  Also I have hypno-birthing CDs to lend out.

Q & A


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes.  


Do I need to bring anything?

Bring a cushion to make yourself comfortable. Most of the relaxation exercises will be sitting in a chair, or standing up.  You will have the option to lie down for the full body relaxations so it would be useful to bring a blanket and/or a yoga mat/sleep mat.  I do have spare cushions, yoga mats and blankets.


What's included in the cost?

There will be handouts and MP3 downloads of some of the relaxations.  There is also a library, including some hypnobirthing CDs.  There is a discount for those booking the individual antenatal course.


How many weeks pregnant should I be?

The course is suitable from early pregnancy.  Some women have done two courses during their pregnancy.

Gift vouchers available

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