Home birth & water birth

Would you like to know more about home birth and water birth to support your clients?

Would you like to answer their questions with confidence?

Maybe you are a doula, hypnobirthing practitioner, or antenatal yoga teacher.

Or perhaps a baby massage teacher or someone who runs baby activity classes, and would like to know more.

Maybe you would like to add another workshop to your portfolio of activities for parents and parents to be. 

This is for you.  

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This training will give you knowledge about home birth & water births, so you can break down the myths, and explain the evidence. The training will also equip you to run structured, interactive home birth workshops and water birth workshops to expectant parents; a useful additional income. 

Home birth is uncommon, but increasingly popular choice. You may find that more and more of your clients want to know more, but maybe your training covered home birth, but you would like to know more. 

Home birth is at least as safe as a hospital birth for most pregnant people. It is a sensible option for first timers, and those with previous caesarean. It is an individual choice, but people don't know enough about home birth. There are lots of myths.


Most people planning a home birth are interested in water birth, which is why this training is covering both. The water birth part of the training will also cover water birth in hospitals and birth centres.

To support you after the training, you will have a handbook with all the information in, and handouts for parents, including sample letters parents can send, equipment needed, and how to set up and pack away a birth pool.

You will also have all the resources to run home birth workshops and water birth workshops for expectant parents and their support network, as separate workshops, or as a combined workshop.  I have run these workshops on and off for almost ten years. Parents find it useful, interesting and empowering. They are great workshops for partners to attend to address any concerns.

Home birth is my bag. I have had four home births myself, and as a doula I have attended dozens, including a few transfers. I set up and run the Luton and Dunstable home birth group, and have attended a number of home birth conferences.

As well as using a birth pool myself, I have also lent out pools, and attended water births at home and in hospitals and birth centres. I have attended specific training on water birth with Dianne Garland, the world expert midwife in water birth, and co-authored an article with her, and my doula client, about water birth after a previous 4th degree tear. 

  • Fill a gap and help parents in your area

  • Useful income

  • Handbook & resources

  • Great training with experienced facilitator & ongoing support

  • Supports positive birth experiences, informed consent, and individualised care

  • Non-judgemental, developmental approach

  • Your own business, no franchise or ongoing payments

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking for an extra source of income that is well tested?

  • Do you have an interest in supporting parents, and helping them through this stage?

  • It is especially suitable for people who already run antenatal/postnatal classes. Or parents looking to start their own business.

It is a full day of training, in person or online. There is ongoing support to run your own sessions. You get a handbook, with helpful notes, and resources to run the workshop, or to hold discussions with people at your existing classes.  It is a useful source of income, whether you are a mum or dad at home, or birth professional such as a baby massage teacher, antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing teacher or similar.


I have been training facilitators to run my various workshops for several years now. 

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About me

I am a parenting practitioner, doula, antenatal teacher & more. While managing a Sure Start children’s centre I wrote and trained staff for a postnatal parenting course. I have delivered workshops and courses to parents and parents-to-be for almost twenty years. 

Any questions? Ask me: cathy@chilledmama.co.uk

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Training dates

Sunday 2nd October 2022


9.00am - 4.30pm ​

(Early bird deadline: 10th October)

For in person training:

Refreshments included. Bring your own lunch. 

Book here


Price: £247


Early bird £197 if pay in full six weeks before training day. 


Further £50 discount to those who've already trained with me, or booked.

Pay for one, select the discounted price for the second. 

Pay deposit or full amount.

Payment in full required at least 3 weeks before the training day. 

Places are fully refundable 6 weeks before the training day. After that places can be transferred to another date, or another person. 

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