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Relax, recharge, restore yourself
"Amazing Mama retreat day, led by the warm, nurturing and inspiring Cathy at the truly beautiful Tofte Manor.
I left feeling energised, relaxed and inspired. Highly recommend!! Thank you so much Cathy."
"I have been struggling for a while with negative feelings towards myself,
but today I really felt like I CAN and WILL love myself, as I am."

Mothers hold up the world. Who's holding up mothers?

As mums we barely get time to think, let alone properly recharge. So busy looking after everybody, everything; juggling family, work, house, and trying to be the Chilled Mama we want to be.

This is just what you need: a day to totally relax and unwind. Slow down and sink into deep relaxation. Time to think and find yourself again. Beautiful and peaceful setting; yummy food; and great company. 

We all have our own journeys, experiences, approaches, but motherhood has some universal truths that link us together. It can be hard, and sometimes lonely, and we, our inner selves, can get lost or simply worn out. Come and recharge your soul.  


A day of unique experiences.

Some come to mark a milestone, such as returning to work, or children leaving home. Others come to share a special day with their friend, sister or mum. Some simply come to let go of the busy-ness. The best self-care you can give yourself.

Everything during the day is optional. You choose to join in the relaxations and mindfulness or take time to sit and read or even have a nap. There will be time to just wander the beautiful grounds, find the unusual garden seats, and hidden paths, the beautiful statues and crystals.

Good food, nutritious snacks and as many hot cups of tea as you want all day.  Yummy and nutritious vegetarian lunch and snacks are included. (Dietary needs catered for.)  

The day is all about you, giving you time to relax fully, to think, and time to recharge. 

Babies in arms are welcome.  This retreat is for all mums, however old your children are, whether 2 months, 2 years, 22 years or more.

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New for 2022
I have been running these Mama Retreat Days for five years now, and wanted to refresh them, especially as so many of you have come more than once. Last time almost everyone had been to one before, and one had been to four! So it was time to reinvent and reorder the retreat. Here's what is new and fresh! 
  • Forest Bathing/nature therapy. Forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) is about being immersed in nature, letting it cleanse your inner being, relaxing and recharging you. I trained in 2019 to deliver these outdoor sessions of mindfulness and relaxation, and Tofte Manor is the perfect place to feel surrounded and bathed in nature. 
  • Adding in forest bathing means taking something out. I have decided to take out closing the bones ceremony. 
  • Extra facilitator. I am delighted to be joined by my doula sister Linda Sharples, who will help me facilitate these retreat days. Linda is a very calm and spiritual person. My word for 2022 is collaboration.  Linda has attended and supported me at previous Mama Retreat Days. 
  • Outside caterers. To give you even more delicious food I have hired external caterers with experience of delivering incredibly delicious food for retreats and weddings. I am awaiting confirmation and will let you know who it is. 
Also new for 2022 is a Weekend Retreat 20-22 May.
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"They are really amazing days. We all said we didn’t want the day to end and would quite enjoy a weekend retreat! "
"This was a truly special day for me. I learnt so much about myself, I didn't think I would get as much out of it as I did! "
"It was an awesome day with an amazing bunch of women. What a powerful and relaxing retreat that was. Thank you Cathy for organizing such a beautiful day and treating all the mamas with yummy food and treats. The Manor was stunning too. See you again soon."


Both day retreats are now full but I am arranging some more dates. Do check out the weekend retreat.

Saturday 5th March


Saturday 9th April


9.30 - 4.30

at Tofte Manor, Sharnbrook
MK44 1HH


Also new for 2022:

Chilled Mama weekend retreat

20-22nd May

"What an amazing magical day I had today on Chilled Mama's retreat today. Cathy is so loving, nurturing & gentle, guiding you through the day. Highly recommend this day and the location is just beautiful." 
"Anyone reading this, don't think about it, do it! I did it last weekend and it was absolutely fabulous. Can't put into words how amazing it was. All women - you deserve this time to yourself. "
 Tofte Manor, Sharnbrook
MK44 1HH
Tofte Manor is a stunning Tudor manor house just north of Bedford town, and not far from the Northamptonshire border.  The grounds have a peaceful, almost magical vibe.
Tofte Manor is a popular wedding venue in the summer months and gets booked up for weekend and day retreats the rest of the year, hence just the two dates for the spring/summer 2019.
We will be based in a beautiful converted coach house, with our own little courtyard and yoga studio, with heated floor, known as the Crystal Room, due to the huge amethyst crystals in each corner.
We have exclusive use of the grounds, including the exception labyrinth. Here's a link to read more about it. 
If you have any difficulty getting to the venue then please get in touch. I may be able to arrange a lift for you, or give you details of taxi companies to collect you from Bedford station. 
There are some lovely B&B locally if you want to make a longer break.  
I can also give you details of local activities for partners/family to do with your children during the day and they are welcome to join us for a cup of tea at the end of the day. 
Book here
when new dates available
Bring a friend and both pay £90
You can pay in full or pay a deposit of £30, with balance due 14 days before event. Can be paid in instalments.
What's included?
  • All activities, guided by two experienced and calm facilitators, myself and Linda.
  • Time for yourself to enjoy the peace of the grounds.
  • Delicious lunch & snacks.
  • Goody bag of treats to keep your retreat going when you get home. 
  1. You can change quantity when it transfers you to the PayPal website. Please message me if you have any problems with the payment.
  2. Coming with a friend? You can pay the full amount, either separately, or together, or pay the deposit, and the rest in instalments. Just respond to my welcome email and let me know.
  3. Places are transferable, to another person, or another date, but are not refundable.
  4. Don't leave it too late! Last year one of these retreats sold out within two weeks. 
  5. Do check out my weekend retreat for mums.
  6. Any other questions? Check out the FAQs section below or email me.
Missed out on the day retreats?
Why not book onto the weekend retreat!
Even more fabulousness!
Pregnancy Postnatal Retreat Chilled Mama
"I've just seen someone post on x about how your retreat changed their parenting world."
Pregnancy Mum Postnatal Retreat Chilled
I am on a very restricted diet (dairy soya and egg free). Will there be anything for me to eat?
Yes! The food will be vegetarian and vegan. I do ask for dietary requirements and try to meet them. I have can provide specific brands if needed. 
My children are all school age. Can I still come?
Yes! It doesn't matter how old your children are. The closing the bones is powerful however many years postnatal you are! I recently did it with a couple of friends to mark us all turning fifty. This is a chance for you to recharge, and relax. You've earned this.
I don't drive. Is there any help to get to the venue?
Yes! Just drop me an email. I have picked people up from train stations or arranged for them to get lifts before.
Can I bring my baby?
I recommend this session is only for babes in arms as there is not room for more mobile babies and I do not provide any toys for them. The weekday Mama & Bubba Nurture Days are especially designed for older babies. You can bring your baby and relax with activities designed for mums with babies.
Do you have any gift vouchers?
Yes! Pay your deposit and then drop me an email.
"In a world of rush, rush, rush, it's so precious to have some hush."
 Read this wonderful review of the Mama Retreat Day by mum blogger Becky Pink.
Please note the activities during the day have changed since this review, and the retreats in 2022 will not have closing the bones.