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Water birth

Birth pools are known as 'the midwife's epidural, giving wonderful pain relief, without the side affects. 


The warmth of the water, and the depth of the water, soothes and massages your uterus muscles, reducing the discomfort and encouraging the release of endorphins (nature's pain relief) and oxytocin, the accelerator of labour. 

You can use a birth pool just for labour, or for birth as well. 

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Top tips for using a birth pool

FREE PDF download

Step by step practical tips for setting up an inflatable birth pool, and packing it away. Includes a list of what you need.

Download HERE.

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Photo guide to emptying & packing away your birth pool.

FREE pdf

Easy to follow, step by step instructions. 

Download HERE.

Chilled Mama antenatal pregnancy classes

Useful info


Check out my info pages for useful and interesting articles and research on older mumshome birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean, group B strepbreech, gestational diabetes, polyhydramios (extra amniotic fluid). 

If you are a doula, hypnobirthing teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher and you would like to feel more confident, more up to date, talking to your clients about water birth, and home birth, join my home birth and water birth facilitator training.  

You will also receive all you need to run home birth and water birth workshops, adding to your income. 

Birth stories:

Jo's vbac waterbirth in a midwife led unit, with her second baby. (vbac = vaginal birth after caesarean)

Leanne's home water birth with her first baby.

Amy's water birth, with her first baby, in a birth centre. 

Michelle's home water birth with her first baby. Her second was born at home in the water too.

Cathy's home water birth with her fourth baby, at the grand age of 37.

Cathy's home birth with her fifth baby, aged 42, who was born next to the pool. 



Dr Sara Wickham water birth research links.

Aquabirths information on latest research and developments. 

Evidence based birth info on water birth.

Rebirthing Postnatal water birth. A way to use a birth pool or bath to recreate a water birth, to heal and reset. 

Pool  hire:

Home birth supplies Pool hire and accessories

Healthy Opportunities Harpenden

There are lots of other pool hire places.

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