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(Home Birth After Caesarean)

The free HBAC course consists of a pre-recorded webinar, and lots of useful links to research and documents, and interesting articles.

It is hosted by an online course platform, Teachable.

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VBAC information

I have collected  together some of the useful bits of information and research for women considering birth after caesarean. It is a work in progress. Please get in touch if you want anything else.

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(home birth after caesarean)

FREE online course


Be informed. Be confident.

Planning a home birth after a previous caesarean is a sensible choice. It puts you in the best position for all to go well. Research says the best outcome is when planned vbac results in vbac. Women who plan to vbac at home increase their chance of getting their vbac (80% vs 56%) according to this recent UK study.  There is a higher chance of transfer but planning to give birth at home is what makes the difference, not where you end up. In the study there was no increase in problems for the baby, in fact the percentage of babies admitted to special care was the same for home or hospital births. The study did not look at birth in a midwife led unit.

In this free online course I look at 

  • chance of rupture, and types of 'rupture'

  • what the guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, and the research behind them (if any).

  • monitoring

  • waterbirth

  • how to arrange a home birth

  • how to arrange birth at a midwife led unit/birth centre

  • your rights 

There are lots of useful links and documents to read and download too.


I offer this course for free as I feel that women planning vbacs are really poorly served when it comes to being able to make informed decisions.

"I've just watched your HBAC workshop online and wanted to thank you for the most invaluable resource I have found so far.

My husband and I feel filled with confidence that we've made the right decision re. a home birth. And I also feel happy with a potential change of plan if necessary as I understand the stats. Thank you again for providing this - it's incredible."

I’ve just finished watching your HBAC presentation and had to msg to say a HUGE thank you! I’m 26weeks pregnant, 41yo and I know in my gut & heart I’m growing a beautiful, healthy baby boy who I can birth beautifully at home. But I needed your presentation to help others around me see that it is what’s best for me and bubba. My OH has the fear in him following a consultant appointment and I KNEW that although she meant well, she was only giving us a limited perspective. I now feel so empowered to discuss my choices with my midwife and the consultant (I am going to the next appointment as I requested my previous birth notes). I already have a Doula booked and she is amazing and fully supportive of my choices.
It was so hard to have my voice heard during my first birth and it was so traumatic, so I am very grateful for this opportunity to reclaim my power. Thank you deeply for the work you do, it is so important.
Read Jo's vbac story. Jo attended my vbac workshop and had a waterbirth in a midwife led unit.

This workshop can give you some answers, and help you feel calm, confident and in control. I have supported over a hundred women having another birth after caesarean. My aim is not vaginal birth for everyone, but that everyone feels they make the choices that are right for them.

"Highly recommend this workshop! 
I attended and learnt a huge amount which I’m sure played a large part in having an amazing VBAC experience." 

"I highly recommend this workshop as well! Helped me plan for my HBAC!" (Home birth after caesarean)


I hope this workshop will give you ideas and confidence to look forward to the birth of your next baby.  Let me know how you get on.