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Home birth workshops

For info on the statistics and safety of home birth go to the Home Birth Info page.


Does home birth appeal to you, but you are just not sure you know enough about it? 

Perhaps you'd love a home birth but your other half needs a bit more convincing? 

Would you like to know the stats on safety and transfers, and the practicalities of home birth, such as how messy is it, and who cleans it up?

This is a picture of me immediately after giving birth to my third baby. Four out of my five babies were born at home.


Home birth is amazing!  It is a sensible and safe choice.


It is totally different to being in hospital. Birth happens differently. My experience of supporting births in home and at hospital has made me even more passionate about home birth. Home birth is great for babies, great for women, great for their partners, and great for midwives.

Current national maternity guidelines recommend home birth or birth centre for all low risk women.  Recent research has shown higher risk women and babies could also benefit from out of hospital birth. 
Your questions answered

Join me for this workshop, and

  • find out the benefits of home birth for you, your partner, your baby,

  • understand why home birth is a safe option, even for women with higher risk factors,

  • how to arrange a home birth, who to talk to if you are met with negativity or outside of guidelines,

  • what to buy and get ready, 

  • what equipment midwives bring and what they can do in emergencies

  • what are the most common reasons for transfer

  • what partners who've had home births think

  • hear from other people who have planned home births.

I will also run through some of the most common curve balls you might want to be prepared for, and what your options are.

This workshop is for those planning home birth and for those who want to explore this option before making a decision about place of birth. 
In the meantime you can check my home birth info page for all the stats, articles, and links, and join my home birth facebook group. It is mainly for the Luton and Dunstable area, but others welcome too. 
Do you know I hire out birth pools? Details in my shop.

"We attended the home birth workshop run by Cathy and found it informative and relaxed. We went on to have a successful home birth and felt confident doing so."

dad home birth_edited.jpg

Me, my partner and baby number 4.

Next Home Birth: your questions answered workshop

Wednesday 26th August, 7.30 pm - 9.00 pm.

On Zoom.

A recording will be available for three months after. You will receive a follow up email with useful links and information. 

Cost: £25

This is one of a series of online Wednesday Workshops. The more you book, the more you save.

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