Birth Dreaming
facilitator training

Increase your knowledge, keep up to date, and build your confidence. 

Meet the needs of your clients from pregnancy through the first year, meeting their key concerns.

If you are a health professional, children's centre worker, antenatal teacher, and/or doula, these courses are for you.

Or perhaps you would like to start your own business providing workshops and courses to parents and parents-to-be, just like several of my trainees have done. 

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Train to deliver pregnancy relaxation and visualisation birth preparation classes, or enhance your existing pregnancy relaxation offer.


Birth Dreaming is an effective and popular antenatal course which I have taught on and off for almost 19 years.

Birth Dreaming is a great refresher course for second timers, or a practical additional course for first timers on top of NHS or other antenatal classes. It is a skills based course, though there are also interactive activities for sharing key birth information.

The aim of Birth Dreaming is to give parents to be tools that will help them relax and feel calm in pregnancy and during the birth, whatever happens. Also, by listening to the visualisations, they will prepare their body and mind for labour, subconsciously, while daydreaming.

"I would recommend this course to any pregnant friends."

"I have attended two concurrent courses of [Birth Dreaming] because I enjoyed it so much and found it extremely valuable. The structure of the course is well thought-out to build knowledge and confidence."

"Having just completed the second five week relaxation techniques for pregnancy and birth course I wanted to write and thank you for both an informative and enjoyable experience. Both I and my husband (who attended the second course) found the format to be extremely successful. We found that it was helpful to learn the theory of the various relaxation techniques prior to putting it into practice each week with the full body relaxation and visualisation. I only wish I had been able to attend such a course prior to the birth of my first daughter."

"My birth was nearly in a car on the way to hospital and yet I stayed calm the whole time due to the excellent skills Cathy had taught me. It was an amazing labour and birth, that I felt in control of the whole time. Thank you so much."

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking to run birth preparation or pregnancy relaxation classes?

  • Or are you an antenatal teacher, pregnancy yoga, or hypnobirthing teacher looking to enhance, refresh and expand your relaxation and visualisation offering?

  • Or perhaps you are a doula who would like to provide your clients with skills to relax in pregnancy and prepare for birth so you can work together during the birth?

  • Do you have an interest in supporting parents, and helping them through this stage?

  • Are you starting a new business or adding to existing services?​

The training will equip you to run Birth Dreaming courses, and one off sessions, online or in person, to groups or individuals, couples, or pregnant people only sessions.

What you get:

  • Knowledge and understanding of how relaxation and visualisation work on the body, and their impact in pregnancy and birth.

  • Knowledge and understanding of the birth process and A handbook containing all the activities, scripts and session plans, as well as background information and theory.

  • Session plans, and scripts, for a structured four week course, plus additional material for a fifth week.

  • Session plan for a one off pregnancy relaxation course.

  • Short relaxation exercises, a longer deep relaxation, and a visualisation for pregnancy for each session, plus extras.

  • Caesarean preparation visualisation.

  • How to share key aspects of knowledge about the birth process in an interactive and engaging way.

  • Scripts to use during other sessions.

  • Guidance for creating your own scripts.

  • Practise delivering the exercises in pairs or threes.

  • Recordings of the relaxations and visualisations.

  • Guidance for recording your own.

  • Resources and guidance for sharing key information about the birth process in an interactive way.

  • Birth Dreaming booklet for clients.

  • Chilled Mama handouts on various birth related topics including home birth, induction, caesarean, epidural. 

  • Great training with experienced facilitator.

  • Ongoing support.

  • Resources for marketing your classes.

  • Your own business. There is no franchise or annual payment.

  • Reduction on price of future training courses with Chilled Mama.

"I'm so glad Chilled Mama is running this training course to spread her skills to others. As my Doula she kept a visualisation going for me through 5 hours of intense contractions while I was being induced. This helped me avoid pain relief and stay engaged enough with midwives to avoid interventions I didn't want. I really wish well to everyone who signs up for this training course."

"Highly recommend Cathy for training, she's absolutely brilliant."

The training takes place over two short days, a week apart. There is practical coursework to complete between the two sessions, a reading list, and a post training reflection. 

First training course:

Sunday 27th June 9am - 3pm & Sunday 4th July 9am - 2pm. Online

Cost for this first facilitator course: £347, usually £447. Reduction for those who have already trained with me. Booking on to any training with me gives you a reduction on any future facilitator training for my other workshops and courses.


Course dates

It is a two day course

Sunday 27th June,

9am - 3pm

and Sunday 4th July,

9am - 2pm


Monday 15 November,

9.15 am - 2.45pm

and Monday 22 November,

9.15am - 2.45pm


Book here


1st course in July: £347

Future courses: £447

Early bird: £397

Early bird is applicable for bookings fully paid six weeks in advance of training.


Reduction of £75 on all prices for those who have booked or completed other training with me.  

How does birth dreaming differ from hypnobirthing?

​Birth Dreaming is similar to hypnobirthing in that relaxation and visualisation are a key component of hypnobirthing, because they work.

Birth Dreaming is different from hypnobirthing because it does not cover all the hypnobirthing tools.

Birth Dreaming is a good in between for people who find hypnobirthing too expensive, or are not comfortable with the self hypnosis element of hypnobirthing.

Birth Dreaming teaches one very simple breathing technique, that is easy to do and remember.

Birth Dreaming includes relaxation techniques for sitting, standing, and moving.

Birth Dreaming includes comfort measures for all stages of labour, and all positions.
Birth Dreaming covers relaxation exercises for partners, to help de-stress and remain relaxed.

Any questions? Ask me:

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