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Toddler led toileting

A gentle parenting approach to 'potty training'

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Are you ready to ditch nappies but not sure when to start?

Worried about starting potty training too early or too late?

Picking the right time can help starting toileting easier and quicker, but how do you know what is right for your individual child.

I've created a toileting readiness checklist for quick and easy success. Hopefully this will make the process less stressful and more relaxing for you and your little one.

Click the link below - or drop me a message.

Want to start 'potty training' with a gentle parenting approach?

Less training, more like guiding and supporting a normal physiological developmental stage?

You've followed baby led feeding, baby led weaning, and supported your baby with the other development stages such as walking and talking, find out how to follow your toddler's lead for an easier time starting toileting too.


Just like with starting solids, there are 'signs of readiness' to watch out for. This workshop will help you to know when is a good time to start and how to support your child, not impose it on them.


"It’s made me feel less stressed about him taking a step back for a while. I’ll just continue to wait for him to be ready for the final step of big boy pants!!!"

As with eating, it is really important to keep the process of starting toileting as stress free for toddlers as possible. Learning to release wee, and particularly poo, can be psychologically difficult for toddlers. Their body image and self esteem can be impacted by their parents' responses during this developmental stage. Children can be left with long lasting consequences, such as impacted bowels. 

Some of the parenting phrases and approaches you may have seen or heard about, such as sticker charts, can be unhelpful, or even detrimental. It is at this point children learn that their body can be dirty and disgusting, or they can learn that their body is amazing and toileting is a normal bodily function. It starts here, with you.


If you understand the processes going on for them, and have expectations of what is 'normal' development, this can help you be more relaxed, and that will make the whole thing easier for all of you. 

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 Now an online workshop! 

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