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Chilled Bump

Chilled Mama is all about feeling calm, confident and in control. The women I work with are used to being in control, at work and in their home life. They do their research, know their options, and make their own minds up. 

Here you'll both find the space and time to get your questions answered and explore your options.  Not just 'this is what happens', but why, what does the research say, are there any other options?  


Maybe you will go with the recommendations, but you'd like to make that decision from an informed place, especially if you didn't have a good experience the first time around. Or may be you want something off the standard path, whether that's a water birth after caesarean, or a home birth with twins, or ...  


A bit like a life coach, but for birth and babies, I have individual and group services. I can give you the science and understanding, but also the emotional and moral support from an experienced and  down-to-earth mother/big sister who respects your approach, and doesn't judge or interfere.  

You can start today! Sign up for my three free tools to help you feel more calm, confident and in control in pregnancy and birth. 

For a Chilled Bump and Birth

Below you will find online workshops, courses, downloads, and freebies, to help you prepare to meet your baby, on your terms, putting yourself in the best position for all to go well, prepared for curve balls. I help pregnant peeps & couples find their own path, so here you'll find information to support that, whether that's a vbac, a home birth, or a vbac at home!

It is your baby's birth not mine. Here is the information, I'm here to support you in whatever is right for you. 

Check out my blog, social media, facebook group and YouTube channel for new videos and interesting articles.


Pregnancy can be full of worries and decisions. Download these top tips to feeling calm and confident about labour.


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Top tips for using a birth pool

FREE PDF download

Step by step practical tips for setting up an inflatable birth pool, and packing it away. Includes a list of what you need.

Download HERE.

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Home birth

Online courses, local group and info

Home birth rocks! Birth unfolds differently at home. Home birth is safe even for some higher risk women. It is one of your options so worth checking it out. Plus there are benefits to planning a home birth even if you intend to give birth in hospital. More info.


HBAC Home birth after caesarean

Online course

Planning a home birth after a previous caesarean is a sensible decision as it maximises chance of vbac.  Find out the research behind the guidelines.

More info.

Chilled Mama antenatal pregnancy classes

Useful info


Check out my info pages for useful and interesting articles and research on older mumshome birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean, group B strepbreech, gestational diabetes, polyhydramios (extra amniotic fluid). 

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