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Worry is the work of pregnancy, so the saying goes. And there is certainly plenty to worry about, from what tests to have, which pram to choose, to what will the birth be like.  

When you are pregnant everyone wants to tell you birth horror stories.  As a society we view giving birth as an ordeal to be endured, to be saved from by medical folk who know more. 

But it doesn't have to be like that.  As a doula, and mum of five, I can help you change your mindset, so instead of feeling anxious, you can start to feel calm, confident, in control - and even excited - about giving birth, whatever happens. 

Birth is amazing. Bringing new life. Women are amazing. You are taking your place in the long line of birthing women. Miracle makers. 

Listen to my affirmations MP3 to give you confidence, even if you fall sleep.

Read abou the 10 steps you can take to help you feel calm and confident about your pregnancy, the birth & caring for your baby.

Watch my video to find out the three things you can do today, right now, to go from anxious to excited.

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