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be inspired by the season to relax, reflect, and replenish yourself

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Relax, reflect & replenish yourself.

Just £11.99

We can take inspiration from nature, from the turning seasons, to relax & reflect, as our own year turns, as we harvest our internal fruit, and replenish our energy ready for changes, for darkness, for slowing down, or for whatever is coming your way next. Autumning can also happen at any time of year, when we need to prepare or adjust to a change, such as a new baby, a divorce, a move, an illness.


Here's some feedback from the previous seasonal wellbeing programmes:

"Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed these sessions!   

Honestly, your 'way' is really lovely in a soothing "All's good!" kind of way where no one is made to feel guilty if they haven't had time to do the homework! I just wanted to make sure you knew how good it feels to be part of a group you are leading."

"Each activity and the silences between was just long enough and the relaxations were absolutely perfect for inducing a deep rest. I slept so well after these sessions as they allowed me to release any stored tension and soften into the evening."

“Really good, simple exercises, easy on our tired brains.”


"That was a lovely session Cathy, so helpful to reflect on where I’ve been and to see changes."

“Thank you again for creating such a soothing supportive opportunity to reflect and go within.”

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Autumning will take you on a journey from harvesting and and taking stock, to preparing for winter. Using gratitude, mindfulness, relaxation, reflection, and meditation, you will be guided to take stock of your life so far this year, to fill your imaginary jar of good things, the feed and mulch your energy and your inner soul, so you are ready to celebrate yourself, and burn bright.


The programme follows the Chilled Mama retreat process to help you to pause, relax, tune into your thoughts and inner wisdom, be open to release and receive, and to be you, unique and wonderful you.


The tools we'll use include relaxation, guided finger labyrinth, reflection prompts, forest bathing ideas, and meditation/quiet reflection.


You will get a pdf workbook to accompany the programme, with space for writing, drawing, scribbling your thoughts.

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Four week online self-paced wellbeing course, inspired by the season.

Relax, reflect, and replenish yourself.

Just £11.99

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