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Starting solids workshops

across the UK

Just when you've got the hang of nappy changes, how to operate the buggy and getting dressed before midday, someone asks you 'when are you going to start giving them some food', or even suggesting that a bit of baby rice in the evening might help them sleep (research says no).

When you start to look into it all it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Different websites recommending different things. Complicated schedules. Jars that say 4 months, health visitor that says 6. Baby led weaning, purees, snacks, drinks, ....... arrrrgggghhhhh!! What to do?! What's right? There are more questions than answers.

When should you start? Does it matter which meal? How can you tell they are ready? What if they sleep through a meal time? What food should you start with? Does it matter if it is sweet or savoury? What foods should be avoided? What about spices? What happens to the milk? How do you get the balance right? What equipment do you need? Can you avoid a fussy eater? How do you avoid some of the issues around food that you may have? What about allergies? What the heck is baby led weaning? Can you combine approaches? What about choking?

This course will answer all your questions, leaving you feeling confident, relaxed, and even excited about your baby's next step. I am going to keep it simple, with a focus on your individual baby, and their physical development. It is your baby. I will give you the information and you can make up your mind what to do.

My number one message is: don't worry! You almost can't get it wrong.

Covers: baby led weaning, spoon feeding, purees, difference between before and after 6 months, signs of readiness, combining approaches, drinks/milk, snacks, meal ideas. Includes an information pack with nutritional  information; menu ideas and recipes.  Plus a free copy of my Starting Solids booklet.  Babies and children are welcome


'I am much more confident about introducing solids to my baby.' 


'Brilliant course. I feel so much more relaxed about weaning now and clued up on what to do and when.'


'Very clear & easy to understand. Much less daunting now. Feel more confident to begin baby led weaning.'


'Catherine helped us to understand what was important and what was not worth worrying about.'


'Practical, informative, and delivered in a clear way that was easy to understand.'


'I attended the Starting Solids Workshop this morning and can highly recommend it! It was a relaxed atmosphere and extremely informative. Weaning doesn't seem half as daunting now I'm armed with not only menu ideas but the understanding of when babies are ready to wean and how to approach it in a stress free way for me and my little man! Thank you so much.'


'Really enjoyed the starting solids workshop today. It covered a lot of important topics and info, and I learnt so much. I thought it was great that we got a handout pack to take home with more feeding ideas and information. Definitely glad I went, thank you!'


'After a wonderful meeting with Catherine the other day I have tried L with Blueberry Pancakes this morning & she loves them. Thank you for all of your help & advice. Highly recommend Chilled Mama's starting solids class.'

Join my Starting Solids facebook group to get ongoing support and to get tips and ideas from other paretns, and see cute photos and videos of their babies getting messy!

Chilled Mama trained facilitators 

Contact them for more information about their workshops and services. Some are doing online workshops and other online services during this unusual time. 


Caroline Wilmot, Starting solids with Caroline

Toddington/Luton/Flitwick/Leighton Buzzard

Sareena Sinda, Serene Baby


Joanna Miller, Mama Baby Bliss (Biggleswade, Sandy, St Neots)


Sarah Packwood, Starting Solids 

Olney/Northampton/Milton Keynes/Bedford

Rebecca Knightly & Zoey Fitzpatrick

Saplings Children's Centre, Milton Keynes

Tamzin West, Seeds of Love

South Bucks

Vicki Wilkinson, Daisy Foundation Buckingham, Brackley, Towcester

Buckingham, Stowe, Brackley, Towcester

(see also Cristina in Hertfordshire)


Jo White, Love Parenthood


(see also Joanna in Bedfordshire who covers St Neots)



Anne Marie Jones, Step by Step doula



Claire Brassinton, Ripplez


Tara Luke, Nest and Nurture



Sophie Thompson, The Mothership Classes

Newton Abbot


Leigh Williams, The Little Wellness Company


Abigail Kent, Loving Little Minds



Gill Norris,

Gill Norris Hypnobirthing and fourth trimester support


Louise Parkin, Panda Cubs Learn and Play



Gail Stark and Liz Foster, Baby Days Edinburgh


Danielle Robbins, The Nurture Nook Essex



Beth Broadway, Daisy Foundation Gosport, Fareham, Whitely

Gosport, Fareham, Whitely

Sarah Lewis, Daisy Foundation Portsmouth


Terri Canning, Daisy Foundation Chichester, Havant, Emsworth,

Southsea, Portsmouth, Havant, Emsworth, Chichester


Michelle Grant, Birth in Harmony

Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage

Cristina Freniche, My Yoga Corner

Hemel Hempstead, Tring, Aylesbury, Berkhamstead, Dunstable

Slu McGrorey, Healthy Opportunities Doula and Family Support


Jilly Clarke, Daisy Foundation Welwyn

Welwyn, Hatfield

Keeley Collins, Daisy Foundation Hertford and Ware

Hertford and Ware


Lauren Gilbert, The Nurture Den



Angela Turner-Jones, Mother Nurtured Doula Services


Charlotte Daly, Mini Me Time



Sharona Rollnick, North London Baby Massage & Yoga

Mill Hill

Caroline Barber, West London Babies

West London, Chiswick

Beth Owens, Nurtured Mums

Harrow and Hillingdon


Hayley Clarke, Mama Baby Bliss Northamptonshire


Vicki Wilkinson, Daisy Foundation Buckingham, Brackley, Towcester

Buckingham, Stowe, Brackley, Towcester

(see also Sarah Packwood, Buckinghamshire)


Kelly Sumner, First Steps into Parenting



Katy Mogg, Daisy Foundation Newark and Southwell

Newark and Southwell



Nici Fulton, Daisy Foundation Yeovil, Wincanton, Sherborne



Hazel Davies, Spark 

Private classes Bump to baby antenatal



Kimberley Goldsmith, Awe & Wonder

Bury St Edmonds


Kate Allam, Baby Bien



Steph Knowles, Blossom hypnobirthing & postnatal support

West Yorkshire

Montse Ametller Batlle, Wellbeing by Montse

Scarborough, Huddersfield


Laura Verga-Birtles, Daisy Foundation Denbighshire & Conwy



Helen Louisa Johnson, Mind, Body, Family

West Sussex, Worthing, Shoreham, Hove

Terri Canning, Daisy Foundation Chichester, Havant, Emsworth

Chichester, Havant, Emsworth, Southsea


Starting solids e-course

The course consists of a 90 minute webinar recording and all the links and downloadable documents. You can do this course any time, even when you are pregnant, and then come back at a later date to refresh. You have indefinite access.

January Sale cost: £18


STarting solids webinar
2020-04-07 (10).png

Train to deliver these Starting Solids Workshops

Do you have an interest in supporting parents, and helping them through weaning? 

Earn a useful income facilitating well received workshop with tried and tested activities?

It is especially suitable for people who already run antenatal or postnatal classes who would like to have something else to offer their clients, but great for others too.

Become a Starting Solids Facilitator.

Obviously there are no in person training sessions happening at the moment. I hope to be in Leeds/Bradford in September and in Bedfordshire in November.

In the meantime you can find out more details HERE.
Or email me:

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