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Pink Blossom

relax, reflect & spring into you

As the days get warmer & longer, and plants start to bloom & grow, tune into your own spring. 
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Following the success of an online 'Wintering' retreat, I'm delighted to offer a similar 'Springing' programme. 


Feel lighter, and open to walking down new paths, sewing seeds for new beginnings, and uncurling into your authentic self, with this online wellbeing programme, full of deep relaxation & personal reflection.

Here's some feedback from the Wintering online retreat:

“Loved this week’s activities and found them all really useful.”

“Getting more relaxed into it. Really good, simple exercises, easy on our tired brains.”

“Thank you again for creating such a soothing supportive opportunity to reflect and go within.”

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The programme will have four steps, based on the Chilled Mama Retreat process and will focus on each of the four elements.

Earth:   Ground yourself in the now. Prepare to sow the seeds.

Water:   Spring clean and make space for the new.

Air:   Open up the windows and be ready to receive.

Fire:   Welcome in warmth and light.


This process helps you to pause, relax, tune into your thoughts and inner wisdom, contemplate stuff, and have clarity about what you want, and what you need for that to happen. 


The tools we'll use include relaxation, guided finger labyrinth, reflection prompts, forest bathing ideas, and meditation/quiet reflection.


You will get a pdf workbook to accompany the programme, with space for writing, drawing, scribbling your thoughts.

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Here's a relaxation MP3 from the Wintering programme.

Draw in your roots

Springing sessions

There are four live online sessions, on Zoom, one for each of the steps. These will also be recorded, if you want to follow in your own time. Plus some extra ideas for you to do in between, if you wish.


Each session will be approximately 45 minutes. I recommend you plan to take a further 15 mins or so to rest and transition after the session, before returning to family life.

Tuesday 4 April, 8.00pm 

Prepare the ground. Relax and reflect.  

Tuesday 11 April, 8.00pm

Spring clean. Mindfulness and reflection. 

Tuesday 18 April, 8.00pm

Open the windows. Reflection and relaxation. 

Tuesday 25 April, 8.00pm

Welcome in warmth & light. Reflection and setting intentions. 

I will guide you through the process, but we are all different so my suggestions will be just that, suggestions. You can take what you want/need, and use the tools I share in the way that works for you. There will be no sharing, unless you wish to share your thoughts. 

Springing cost:

Access to the live sessions, recordings, MP3s, workbook: £25

  • Springing is free to all those booked onto my weekend retreat

  • Or if you decide to book onto the weekend retreat, after signing up for Springing, you will get the £25 deducted from your retreat place.

If you join after the start of the programme you will still have access to the recordings to watch the recordings in your own time.​

Book here

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"To meditate means to go home to yourself.
Then you can know how to take care of the things that are happening inside you, and you know how to take care of the things that happen around you."

Thich Nhat Hanh

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