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Chilled Mama
Weekend Retreat


Apologies - I'm not doing any in person retreats in 2024.
I do hope to run a weekend retreat in Summer 2025.

relax & slow down


"Wow! I feel blessed to have attended. This special time has far exceeded my expectations. I've loved walking the labyrinth and feeling its power. The fire ceremony was so powerful! And the closing the bones so, so stunning. So thankful to have received this. Having space to ease my body and soul in this unique environment, I can't thank you enough for this experience."

forest bathing.JPG

be present
connect to yourself 
connect to nature


"Cathy held beautiful, safe space for us to engage and explore as much or as little as we wished. Amazing food, a beautiful location, perfectly balanced, restful schedule. Highly recommend and I would love to come again!"

tune in
to your inner wisdom


"Amazing retreat! So much relaxation and self discovery.

The closing the bones ceremony was such a unique, emotional and fantastic experience, and the forest bathing reminded me of my love of nature. Thank you so much for reminding me I do have time."


be open
to release & receive

Closing the bones Mama Retreat Day photo credit

"Cathy and Linda are naturals at creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

I was sceptical at first about being with strangers but it was so friendly and caring."


be you
feel strong, confident, & happy with yourself


Life is busy! Juggling all the plates, every day. 

Are you feeling tired, stretched, and needing a break?


Have you had lot going on?


It seems like everyone is dealing with some heavy stuff right now. 

Would you like the world to stop for a bit so you can catch up?

This retreat is for you.

This retreat is time for you. It's a retreat for women, predominately mums. It suits empty nesters and grandmothers.

If you have had a lot on, or big changes, and you need some time away to process and connect with yourself, and work out who you are now, and what you want.

It's time. Time for you.

It's time to step away from the demands, the physical, practical, emotional, and mental load, and be cared for, for a change. To have no one else to think about except yourself. And to have the time to actually think about you.

Do you wonder who you are, or where you have gone, under the juggling, the demands, the labels?

Would you like to spend time with yourself, to relax, to breathe, to think, to simply be?

It's time for you.

Time to slow down.

To breathe.

To think.

To be you.

To simply be.

Download brochure to read more.

meet Heidi

Heidi and her sister Hayley came to the Chilled Mama retreat last year.

In this video she shares her thoughts on the experience, and why she and her sister have booked on to this year's retreat.

What happens on a Chilled Mama Retreat Weekend?

Relaxation, mindfulness and a little meditation, mixed in with unusual and powerful experiences, such as closing the bones, labyrinth walks, and forest bathing. 

These carefully curated experiences allow you to focus on you, to tune in to yourself, to hold space for your joys and your burdens. To gain strength. To heal. Whatever you need.

It is a calm, peaceful, introspective retreat. We will guide you, but how you much you engage with the activities, how you use them is up to you.​

It is all optional. There's a balance of activities and free time.

What doesn't happen?

No yoga (though it is a perfect place to do your own personal practise).

No exercise (but if you want to, there's a pool and tennis courts).

No early starts.

No sharing your thoughts, unless you choose to.



The Chilled Mama Retreat will introduce you to some special and unique experiences to delight and inspire you. To take you beyond relaxed, to feeling like a chilled mama in your very bones.


You don't have to join in. If you would rather take yourself off on your own, or rest in your room, that is fine. It is your weekend. Here are some of the activities you may not have heard of before. Download brochure to read more.

"A wonderful experience and time to hold space for yourself.

A perfect mix of alone time and guided activities. The food was to die for!"



Fresh, fabulous, healthy yet indulgent food.

If you would like to chat to me about the food, I would love to hear from you. Please call or email me. (Details in the footer.)



What can I say about the bedrooms?! They are gorgeous!

Tofte Manor bedroom 4.png
Tofte Manor bedroom 5.png
Tofte Manor bedroom 1.jpg


There is no weekend retreat in 2024.

Watch out for Summer 2025!

Either pay in full or a deposit. Spread the cost and pay in instalments.


It's not just about the weekend. When you book you'll be sent a welcome pack of goodies, and also get free access to all my online retreats and wellbeing programmes for 12 months from booking, including Springing, (and Summering, Autumning, and Wintering, and others in between).

Download brochure to read more.


Prices are per person. 


Two nights accommodation in gorgeous bedrooms, with towels, bathrobes and slippers.

Six meals (from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday) prepared by a private retreat chef.

Unique retreat activities with experienced facilitators.

Tea, coffee, etc, and snacks available all day.

Not included:


Travel insurance.

Additional treatments, where offered.

Meet the retreat team

Cathy Williams, retreat leader

Hi I'm Cathy, Chilled Mama, I've been leading retreats at Tofte Manor for over six years. I'm a calm & experienced facilitator from baby massage, to women's circles, to training perinatal educators.

I will guide you through the weekend, giving you the time and space to focus on you.

I'm a trained and experienced Labyrinth Facilitator, Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) and Closing the bones practitioner. I have taught relaxation for almost two decades. I love sharing labyrinths and holding fire ceremonies.


I love the feedback from the retreats. Hearing how people have been able to be themselves, or make a decision, or simply fully relax for the first time in ages.


Linda Sharples, retreat facilitator

Linda is one of the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful and spiritual people you could meet.

Linda was a birth and postnatal doula, and she will doula you through the retreats. What does that mean?

Linda will look after you, be mindful of your needs, and help you to get what you want from the retreat experience.

Linda is a mum of two and grandma of one. Linda has supported the last three of my day retreats, and co-facilitated last year's weekend retreat.

time to be a chilled mama

I am on a very restricted diet (dairy soya and egg free). Will there be anything for me to eat?
Yes! The food will be vegetarian/vegan. The professional retreat chef is experienced at catering for different dietary needs.

Is this just for new mums?

No. We welcome all women, mums, grandmothers, and non-binary people, who take mothering roles in their lives, with their own children, or other children/other people.
I don't drive. Is there any help to get to the venue?
The nearest station is Bedford. It is a fifteen minute taxi ride from there. We can give you taxi details.

Can I bring my baby?

No. Babes in arms are welcome at the day retreats, but not the weekend retreat.

Do you have any gift vouchers?

Yes! Pay in full or the deposit and then drop me an email with details of who the space is for and I will send or email you a voucher.

I can't do those dates. Will you be doing any more?
Yes! Day retreats and and weekend retreats will be announced soon.
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