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Sleep Facilitator

Increase your knowledge, keep up to date, and build your confidence. 

Meet the needs of your clients from pregnancy through the first year, meeting their key concerns.

If you are a provider of antenatal or postnatal services or activities, such as baby massage, or a children's centre worker, antenatal teacher, and/or doula, these courses are for you.

Or perhaps you would like to start your own business providing workshops and courses to parents and parents-to-be, just like several of my trainees have done. 


Would you like information and an approach that:

  • gives expectations of infant sleep based on research;

  • focuses on helping parents to develop strategies to cope;

  • promotes responsive parenting and infant brain development;

  • gives up-to-date information on safer sleep, including co-sleeping and bedsharing,

  • supports parents to follow their instincts and work it out with their unique child.

There is so much myth, misinformation and downright unhelpful stuff thrown at new parents about sleep. They deserve some actuate, up-to-date, research-based information, shared in an easy-to-digest, relatable format, that will leave them feeling reassured, relaxed, and confident to be nurturing and responsive. 

Parents can feel a huge amount of expectation on what they and their baby 'should' be doing. This can feel like parent and baby are in a battle, in conflict with each other. This workshop helps them to feel reassured to respond to their baby, as an individual, within their individual family, what works for them. 

Bedsharing and co-sleeping in a bed is a positive parenting strategy. The training will cover the latest research into safer sleep and bedsharing, and how to convey these in a simple and easy to understand way, whilst also recognising that bedsharing is not for everyone (parent or child), and not appropriate for every situation. 

New parents are desperate for sleep. We know, we've been there. They are looking for solutions, but in my experience, they appreciate knowing what to expect, and that it is normal for babies to be waking, protective in fact. The workshop touches on infant brain development and attachment, and parental wellbeing. 

Chilled Mama approach is to

  • keep it simple (what parents need to know and what they don't have to worry about);

  • keep it real (their unique situation, and dealing with their own expectations and those of others);

  • keep it relaxed.


This is not a sleep solution course. This is about expectations, infant development, biological norms, and individual differences. If you want to work with families 1-1 I suggest training with Holistic Sleep Coaching. They are the only trainer I recommend for sleep coaches.

  • Fill a gap and help parents in your area

  • Useful income

  • Straightforward, structured activities to use with clients

  • Have all you need to deliver baby sleep workshops

  • Handbook & resources

  • Great training with experienced facilitator & ongoing support

  • Supports responsive parenting, child development, attachment, self confidence

  • Non-judgemental, developmental approach

  • Your own business, no franchise or ongoing payments

Is it for you?

  • Are you looking for an extra source of income that is well tested?

  • Do you have an interest in supporting parents, and helping them through this stage?

  • It is especially suitable for people who already run antenatal/postnatal classes.

  • Also great for people looking to start their own business.


As well as increasing your confidence in discussing sleep with your clients, and having an approach that supports them to work it out, and improves their mental health, you will also get all you need to do interactive tried and tested activities in your antenatal and postnatal classes, whether you are a doula, antenatal teacher, baby massage, or pregnancy/postnatal yoga teacher.


You will also get all you need to run a straightforward, structured workshop to do with groups or individual parents, either in their own home or in a community venue. The training goes through all the activities, step by step, so by the end of the training you will feel confident to get started straightaway.

It is a full day of training, in person or online. There is ongoing support. You get a handbook, with helpful notes, and resources to run all the activities.  It is a useful way to boost your standing and your income, whether you are a mum or dad at home, or birth professional such as a baby massage teacher, antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing teacher or similar.

I am an trained and experienced parenting practitioner and I have created courses and workshops for parents that I know work, and go down well.

The early parenting/postnatal course I wrote when managing a Sure Start children's centre in Central Bedfordshire, is still being delivered in all the children's centres.

Book further down the page.

About me

I am a parenting practitioner, doula, antenatal teacher & more. While managing a Sure Start children’s centre I wrote and trained staff for a postnatal parenting course. I have delivered workshops and courses to parents and parents-to-be for almost twenty years. 

Any questions? Ask me:

I found all of the training interesting. I like that it is interactive and appeals to different styles of learning. I already have recommended you to children's centre colleagues. I think this is information all antenatal and new parents should have so therefore if the people working with and them have this information it can be shared and parents are then better supported.

Susan Prentice, SP Baby Support


I recommend the training as I believe it will help new parents to set realistic expectations around their baby’s sleep and understand that many of the things they experience are not a ‘problem’ that they need to overcome, but a completely normal part of infant development.

Katy Mogg, The Baby Barn

Training dates

Sunday 1st December


9.00am - 4.30pm ​

Early bird deadline 1st October.

For in person training:

Refreshments included. Bring your own lunch. 




Early bird price £227 available if pay in full two months before training day.


Further £50 discount to those who've already trained with me, or booked.

Use coupon: CMF50

Pay deposit or full amount.

Places are fully refundable 6 weeks before the training day. After that places can be transferred to another date, or another person. 

Click HERE to find out about the other courses (opens in a new window).

  • Dec 01, 2024, 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM GMT
    Boost your knowledge on baby sleep 0-12 months, based on responsive parenting research. Support parents with realistic and meaningful information. Train to deliver popular interactive activities to use with parents to reduce their worries and build their knowledge and confidence.
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