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infant brain development & attachment

Learn about attachment and infant brain development, and why the first 1001 days are so important.

Increase your confidence in supporting responsive parenting with your clients.


Training will also cover activities you can do with antenatal and/or postnatal clients to promote connections, and responsive parenting, and reassure parents. 


You can use this training to enhance your existing services, such as baby massage or antenatal classes, and/or to deliver one off workshops for parents and parents-to-be. 


When teaching baby massage I would have discussions using these resources: engagement/disengagement cues; positive touch and emotional regulation, and responsiveness.

I have delivered Connections workshops online and in person for a number of years, and delivered similar to parents as part of a postnatal course I co-wrote when I managed a Sure Start children's centre. The course, Baby Days, was adopted by the local authority and I trained children's centre and council parenting team to deliver the course, which is still running now in Central Bedfordshire.

The training wil equip you to talk confidently about the following, and have resources you can share with parents, as activities or to promote discussion:

  • ​baby's brain and how it grows its connections

  • what is attachment and bonding

  • how parents support emotional regulation (without realising it)

  • power of positive touch

  • listening to babies and children

  • impact of loving, responding, listening, playing, and loving your baby to build connections

  • using connection in different situations: sleep, nappy changes, etc.

  • developmental steps of awareness

  • ideas for play and interactions

  • a good enough parent

The approach uses six 'connection creators' to help parents to consider the impact of their interactions in everyday situations. 


To support you after the training, you will have a handbook with all the information in, and handouts for parents, including a booklet.

  • Fill a gap and help parents in your area

  • Useful income

  • Handbook & resources

  • Great training with experienced facilitator & ongoing support

  • Supports responsive/gentle parenting

  • Evidence based information

  • Non-judgemental, developmental approach

  • Your own business, no franchise or ongoing payments

Is it for you?

  • Would you like to be known as a knowledgeable and trusted person?

  • Do you have an interest in supporting parents, and promoting responsive parenting?

  • It is especially suitable for people who already run antenatal/postnatal classes. Or parents looking to start their own business.

It is a full day of training, in person or online. There is ongoing support to run your own sessions. You get a handbook, with helpful notes, and resources to hold discussions with people at your existing classes, or 1-1 with clients. You will also be given the resources and plan for a Connections.  It is a useful source of income, whether you are a mum or dad at home, or birth professional such as a baby massage teacher, antenatal teacher, hypnobirthing teacher or similar.


I have been training facilitators to run my various workshops for several years now. 

Download pdf with more information


About me

I am a parenting practitioner, doula, antenatal teacher & more. While managing a Sure Start children’s centre I wrote and trained staff for a postnatal parenting course. I have delivered workshops and courses to parents and parents-to-be for almost twenty years. 

Any questions? Ask me:

Training dates


Saturday 1st April 2023

In person, and online

9.00am - 4.30pm ​

(Early bird deadline: 1st February)

Saturday 16th September 2023


9.30am - 1.00pm ​

(Early bird deadline : 16th July)

For in person training:

Refreshments included.

Bring your own lunch or buy locally. 

Book here



Early bird: £197 

if pay in full two months before training date.


Further £50 discount to those who've already trained with me, or booked.

Use coupon code: CMF50. 

Pay deposit or full amount.


Places are fully refundable 6 weeks before the training day. After that places can be transferred to another date, or another person. 

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