Pregnancy Retreat

Chilled Mama has teamed up with Karma Birth to bring you 

the ultimate pregnancy retreat day.

Big news!  Internationally renown midwife, Marianne Littlejohn will be joining us for this Pregnancy Retreat Day.

Take time out away from the busy-ness of everyday life to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby and prepare for birth in a really mindful and positive way.

" I was looking forward to taking a day to slow down and just take time out from everyday business and today achieved exactly that. The labyrinth was very therapeutic and gave me a feeling of clarity."
"Cathy is a very well-informed, experienced and calming person. I really enjoyed her focus on us not feeling we 'had' to do anything, which mirrors her approach in the advice she gave when we asked questions about birth. I was really pleased there was no agenda on telling us things about birth but we were free to ask questions and pick her wealth of experience."

"I was surprised how much I got out of the labyrinth. The relaxations really worked and I felt that I recognised the tensions in my body and noticed them leaving. I had time to relax and had time on life and look to the future." 

You're juggling work, appointments, and preparation. There doesn't seem to be any time to just think about your baby, about you, about your relationship, and the changes that are coming. There are so many decisions to be made and discussions to have, choosing the pram, deciding about maternity leave, working out what tests to have, and what antenatal classes fit best. 


You have worries that keep you up; worries about your baby, the birth, your changing body, being a mum, your relationship, money, and the effect on other children and yourself. You know you want to relax more. You'd like to sleep better. You'd like to tune in to your baby and start connecting. Everything is in your mind, and your body is not your own anymore. You're meant to be 'blooming' but you just feel tired, and stressed!


You need a day to relax, tune into your baby, and have time to think about yourself and the changes ahead.


We are two doulas, with eight children between us; we remember what it's like. We also know what helps our clients feel relaxed, in control, and positive. We have created a special day for you to step out of the everyday busy-ness, and take time to nurture yourself. A gift for yourself and your baby. A day to focus on you, your baby, and this special time in your life. 

Did you know that at the end of your pregnancy your heart is working as hard as someone running a marathon?!

It's because of all the extra blood you are pushing around your body.

Your organs have moved out of the way to make room for your growing baby. Your bones have separated, your spine has lengthened. Your bladder has been squashed. One way or another your body will open to give birth to your bay. You deserve one day!


Time for yourself

Time and space to just think, to be yourself

Time for your baby

Tune in and connect with your growing baby, feel the bond grow stronger

Time to relax deeply

And just maybe, just maybe, just by enjoying the relaxation and gentle movement you will pick up skills to help you relax (relaxation, breathing, yoga), to help with sleep, reduce stress, which will also help with the birth, and beyond.


This special pregnancy retreat day will leave you feeling relaxed, in control, and positive about the journey ahead.   The ripples from the day with stay with you for the rest of your pregnancy, the birth, and to life with your baby. 


  "I had time to relax and had time to think on life and look to the future." 


Who are we?

Pippa is an active birth, pregnancy yoga, and body and mind antenatal teacher and doula, based in Bedford. Pippa also runs weekly pregnancy yoga and relaxation classes from her base at The Little Breathing Space, Brogborough. 

Cathy has been running pregnancy and postnatal retreat days at Tofte Manor for the past three years. Also a doula and antenatal teacher she specialises in working with women wanting birth options off the standard path. 

We are delighted that Marianne Littlejohn, internationally renown midwife, will be with us for the April 2020 pregnancy retreat. Marianne will be there to answer and midwifery type questions, and share her stories of birth and babies. Marianne has run midwife training programmes, conducted research and run midwifery practices and birth centres in South Africa. She now lives between the UK and South Africa, and works as a midwife, doula, and maternity nurse around the world.


Throughout the day you can pick our brains and our decades of experience supporting women preparing to meet their babies. 

This special relaxing and nurturing day includes gentle yoga practise, active birth positions, breathing, visualisations, mindfulness, labyrinth walk, affirmations, and deep, deep relaxation. 


Healthy, nourishing veggie food and refreshments are all included. 

Saturday 4th April 2020
Three spaces left.
Saturday 19th September 2020
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Couples £197
The venue is Tofte Manor, just north of Bedford, on the Bedfordshire/Northamptonshire border.
It is a stunning wedding and retreat venue with beautiful, peaceful grounds; the perfect setting to relax, and feel recharged.