Positive Pregnancy


Chilled Mama has teamed up with Karma Birth to bring you 

the ultimate pregnancy retreat day.

Invest in your wellbeing; take time out away from the busy-ness of everyday life to relax and enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby and prepare for birth in a really mindful and positive way.

" I was looking forward to taking a day to slow down and just take time out from everyday business and today achieved exactly that. The labyrinth was very therapeutic and gave me a feeling of clarity. Cathy is a very well-informed, experienced and calming person. I really enjoyed her focus on us not feeling we 'had' to do anything, which mirrors her approach in the advice she gave when we asked questions about birth. I was really pleased there was no agenda on telling us things about birth but we were free to ask questions and pick her wealth of experience."

"I was surprised how much I got out of the labyrinth. The relaxations really worked and I felt that I recognised the tensions in my body and noticed them leaving. I had time to relax and had time on life and look to the future." 

Being pregnant can be a busy, exciting and sometimes worrying time. The future is full of possibilities but also the unknown is scary. Sometimes it's hard to really find time to take a step back from everyday life to feel a bond with your baby, to fully enjoy your pregnancy.  Work demands, pregnancy aches and pains, organising your home, working out what you need to buy, worry about the birth, or other people's opinions are just a few things that can get in the way of a joyful experience. Sometimes we even feel guilty that we don't have enough time, or find it difficult to feel happy!  We get it – we’ve been there!   


Would you like to feel more chilled and relaxed?

But also stronger, more confident in yourself and positive as you approach the birth of your baby?   

This is going to be a magic day, unlike any other antenatal prep. Much more than a relaxing day, or childbirth class, this is just what you need to be ready for the weeks and months ahead. The focus is always on the baby, this is for you. Before baby comes, and you are swept along by weeks and months of feeding, nappies and sleep deprivation. You deserve this. You are growing a baby, and then you will give birth to your baby, one way or another, and then you will be feeding and looking after a baby. Take this one day for you.  After all a happy, healthy, strong and chilled mama is just what baby needs.


We, Cathy Williams of Chilled Mama, and Pippa Moss of Karma Birth, invite you to step in to a unique and empowering retreat day for expectant mums, full of mindfulness and deep relaxations, opportunities to sink a little deeper into your motherhood journey, and simple but effective skills that will help you every day after. And as we are both doulas and antenatal teachers you can ask us questions throughout the day on anything birth or baby related.


This special relaxing and nurturing day includes gentle yoga practise, with birth preparation using active birth positions and breathing, visualisations (a feature of hypnobirthing).  Mindfulness, labyrinth walk and deep, deep relaxation. And a whole lot more.

Healthy, nourishing veggie food and the opportunity to connect with other pregnant women to share experiences and talk through any questions or worries you may have with two experienced antenatal teachers and doulas.

Cathy and Pippa have over three decades of experience supporting parents as they prepare to meet their babies. Pippa is a well respected active birth, pregnancy yoga, and body and mind antenatal teacher and doula, based in Bedford. Pippa also runs weekly pregnancy yoga and relaxation classes from her base at The Little Breathing Space, Brogborough. Cathy has been running pregnancy and postnatal retreat days at Tofte Manor for the past three years. Also a doula and antenatal teacher she specialises in working with women wanting birth options off the standard path. Between them they have eight children, and a range of birth experiences.  They know what works. They know each woman, each baby, each birth is different.

Tofte Manor is a gorgeous setting. It is an exclusive wedding and retreat venue.  You'll feel more relaxed as soon as you get out of the car. Have a look at the pictures. Can you imagine yourself here? 

There is no other pregnancy retreat like this, no venue as wonderful and no day as positive, peaceful and powerful. The effects will last through your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

This is a unique and extremely special day, for your unique and very special pregnancy.

We only get to experience pregnancy a few times, if we are lucky.

This is a gift to yourself and to your baby. You are worth it. You deserve it.



To help you take the magic of the retreat home, we will send you some relaxation and visualisation MP3s, from Cathy's Birth Dreaming e-course, and the accompanying ebook, worth £60. Plus a free 30 minute consultation with cAthy on anything birth or baby related, up to two months after the birth.

Gift vouchers available. 

Saturday 4th April 2020
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Tofte Manor is a stunning wedding and retreat venue in Sharnbrook, just north of Bedford, on the Northamptonshire /Bedfordshire border. Visit the to read more about this unique venue.
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Gift vouchers available

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