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5 reasons my Mama Retreat Day is for you

In the words of the women who have been on one before, here are five reasons to book onto my Mama Retreat Day.

1. It's for all mums - not just new mums.

So come - whether your babies are 2 months, 2 years, or 42 years old. Bring your mum friends, or even your mum. We had two grandmas at the last one.

" What you've done today in bringing together a group of women in such a safe, supporting, warm and positive environment has been so empowering and nourishing, it really was a special day."

"Beautiful venue, wonderful mums and grandmas, and such a special day. I am totally chilled xx"

2. Time for yourself - slow down, relax, think.

" Recommend this to anybody looking for some time out for yourself."

"I just feel at peace now. I haven't for long time."

"I recharged my soul today."

3. Unique experiences

"I have been struggling for a while with negative feelings towards myself, but walking around the labyrinth I really felt like I CAN and WILL love myself, as I am."

"This was a truly special day for me. I learnt so much about myself, I didn't think I would get as much out of it as I did! "

"During the closing of the bones, when you read the Maya Angelou poem to me, I felt like they were the exact words I needed to hear, it's like you knew! I felt like it had been written just for me. Yet another special moment I will take from the day."

Closing the bones

4. Beautiful setting

Tofte Manor is a stunning venue. You will have time to wander and find the unusual garden seats and hidden statues.

"What an amazing magical day I had today on Chilled Mama's retreat today. Cathy is so loving, nurturing & gentle, guiding you through the day. Highly recommend this day and the location is just beautiful."

5. You deserve it.

"Anyone reading this, don't think about it, do it! I did it last weekend and it was absolutely fabulous. Can't put into words how amazing it was. All women - you deserve this time to yourself. "

To find out when the next one is and for more info/to book see my Mama Retreat page.

The retreats take place at Tofte Manor in Bedfordshire, just north of Bedford town.

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