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Closing the bones

A nurturing experience for women, whether their babies are 2 months or 20 years old.  You can take part in a 'Closing the bones' in one off sessions (see dates below), or as part of my Chilled Mama Retreat Days.
When we are pregnant we open our bodies to grow our babies. Our organs move out of the way; the relaxin hormone softens our ligaments to make more room for the baby, elongating our spine, opening our pelvis.  We open our heart, mind and life to make room for the new soul.  During birth we open our body, one way or another, for our baby to be born.  We open ourselves to the most dramatic life experience, and sometimes a traumatic experience.  For some they offer their body to be opened by the scalpel in a sacrifice for their baby. When the baby is here our lives are changed forever; we open up our hearts, our lives, ourselves. It can be hard to find yourself again.
Closing the bones ceremony recognises what you have been through.  It recognises the huge rite of passage of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother.  Being massaged, wrapped, and held by other women, other mothers, gives you the space to say, yes, I went through that and am changed.  But also to find yourself anew; to find new strength and healing to help you in your motherhood journey.  
So often, as mothers, we are always giving.  It can be hard, but wonderful to lie still and receive.  In the session women take turns to lie down and be wrapped tightly with scarves: round your head, your chest, your tummy, your hips, your legs and your feet.   The women who wrapped you keep their hands on you while a poem is read. Then you are slowly and carefully unwrapped, and covered with a blanket. 
Doing this in a group with other women gives you the support and nurture of other women.  It also gives you the opportunity to give this experience to others, by helping with the wrapping.  
No dates booked.
Toddington Methodist Church Hall
Cost £12
Children and babies welcome.
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Please call or email me with any questions.

I can also do private Closing the Bones sessions, for a group of friends or just you.

"I did the closing bones three months after my baby was born. One or two of the other Mums were looking after my baby nearby so I wasn't worried about him. I lay down and let two of the Mums wrap scarves around my body and pull them tight one by one. It felt so secure to be wrapped up. When they got to my hips I realised it took pain away. I hadn't realised how much my hips were aching all the time and it helped me to understand my body was still healing from pregnancy and that's why it's OK to be only gradually getting back to exercise.

I'm looking forward to doing it soon with baby now at 10 months. I'm expecting to feel literally that my hip bones are closing back. The gradual year of restoration following pregnancy."

"I found it absolutely amazing and very moving too. I loved being wrapped up and feeling safe but even more so when the lovely mummies round me rested their hands on me as the beautiful poem was read it was very emotional.
When I was wrapping the other ladies I felt very protective over them and wanted to look after them and give them their time to restore their bodies and minds without any distractions even if it was just for a moment. That moment stays with you forever. Wonderful."

"I participated in a Closing the Bones sessions at one of Cathy’s Mama retreat days. If I’m entirely honest I thought it a bit strange beforehand and wasn’t too bothered about it but I loved it!! 
My friends ‘did me’ which felt really good as they have been a big part of my experience of motherhood thus far. When the ladies gathered round and lay their hands on it was a really calming moment, mother to mother, amidst the chaos of the rest of my day to day life!! 
Physically it made my body feel how it used to - strong, stable joints. Made me appreciate what pregnancy has done to me body! 
Would definitely recommend, particularly as Cathy read lovely words out whilst wrapped up. I can remember the gist of it now it was very poignant ."

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