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Dads need Doulas too!

I am as passionate about supporting men through the birth process as I am women. Men are often side-lined in all birth discussions. Of course the woman is the most important person, but it is his baby too, and his partner, and you know what, how he is feeling will impact on how her birth goes. It is important that his worries and fears are address, that he has his needs met, that he knows what to expect and feels empowered to speak and move instinctively.

There are times in labour when having another woman with you is what you need. I am, after all, a doula and that’s my bread and butter. But if I do my job well, their relationship will be strengthened by the experience. That he will feel that he does have tools that help her. That he is her rock. That he has the strength and knowledge inside him to support her, and baby, through birth and the days, weeks, months and years to come.

I was delighted to be awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in a writing competition for the wonderful magazine ‘The Green Parent’ for this article I wrote about dads in the birth room: A Doula for Dads. Thanks to Sarah and Martin for letting me share their story – and for having me as their doula.

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