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I'm pregnant, now what?

5 things to do next - and 3 not to!

1. Relax

It helps your baby grow if you reduce your stress. Try some meditation or listen to some relaxing music. You can try hypno birthing CDs, or my pregnancy relaxation course.

2. Call the midwife

You can now bypass the GP and go straight to the midwife. The receptionist at your local surgery should be able to give you the number or go to your local hospital website or NHS community website. (All the GP does is make a referral anyway.)

3. Eat well

Sorry it's boring but it makes sense. Pregnancy is tiring. Being as fit as you can makes it all more bearable ~ and it helps the baby grow too. Eating little and often can help reduce morning sickness. Eating plenty of protein in early pregnancy helps the placenta to grow and can reduce your chance of getting pre- eclampsia in later pregnancy)

4. Look into antenatal classes

It's amazing how quickly some of these classes book up. As well as NHS classes and the ubiquitus NCT classes there is now a huge selection of antenatal classes and workshops including pregnancy yoga and hypnobirthing.

If you don't fancy a group you can book private antenatal sessions in your own home. Many antenatal teachers and doulas (paid birth companions) like myself offer 1-1 antenatal sessions. I also do workshops on water birth, active birth, breastfeeding, home birth and vbac (vaginal birth after caesarean).

I also offer an antenatal doula service - which is all the antenatal support of a birth doula, without actually going to the birth.

5. Tell a few important people

I know the prevailing wisdom is to keep shtum until three months is up but I think it is worth telling just a few, ones who you'd want support from should you miscarry. Unfortunately miscarriage is more common than you might think. One out of three women will experience miscarriage (I've had two).

Depending on your job, you might be wise to tell your line manager or boss so they can do a risk assessment. More info about your rights at work at

And three things not to do

1. Don't smoke - and get your other half to stop too.

Cigaratte smoke affects how good the placenta is and how the baby grows. Being exposed to nicotine can mean the placenta doesn't stick as well to the wall of the uterus and so you are more at risk of premature birth, underweight baby, and stillbirth.

2. Don't take it all to heart

There are so many decisions to make, from which pram to buy, which scan and test to get, to when to take maternity leave. Any everyone has an opinion! Take a deep breath. Tune into your baby and your body. Lean on your partner or someone close. Follow your heart.

3. Don't worry about the birth

It will seem like everyone has a scare story to tell you and opinion on whether you should get an epidural or give birth in a field.

There's plenty of time to decide what you want and what to expect as you get nearer the big day. After all by then you'll have a clearer idea of any special conditions of your pregnancy and, by doing your antenatal classes, of your options for the birth and what you would like.

But for now, chill out, tune into your growing bump and treasure this special moment as you try out your new super power - growing another human being!

And if this all seems too much?

Well – you could do nothing.

There is no need to see anyone or do anything. If you don’t see anyone or have any checks your baby will grow and one day you will go into labour and your baby will be born – it’s nature, it’s what humans and cats and dogs and pigs and all other mammals have been doing for millenia.

Check out my website for details of all my workshops, courses, and services

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