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Am I pregnant?

How do you know you’re pregnant? Here are the most common ways of knowing. What were your signs?

The most obvious is that you have missed your period. If you've recently come off the pill or have irregular periods this might be harder to know. A few women continue to have period like bleeding throughout their pregnancy.

You feel extremely tired, like you could just go to sleep, now.

Some women notice breast changes: areola (dark area around your nipple) darkens, breasts swell, breasts are tender, glands (like spots) around the edge of your areola enlarge (they are called Montgomery tubercles).

You might feel hormonal, like the start of your period; some women even feel period like aches.

My mum knew she was pregnant each time because she had a metallic taste in her mouth.

Just to be sure most women take a positive pregnancy test. These are extremely accurate and if you have used one your gp/midwife will not do another. Even if it is just a faint line it still counts.

What about you? What were your signs?

Pregnant? What next? Check out my next blog post - five things to do now you're pregnant - and three not to do.

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