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Welcome to
Chilled Mama!
I'm delighted you've found me. I'm Cathy, Chilled Mama.

I help parents relax and have a chilled experience of parenting, from pregnancy right through to being grandparents!

We are all muddling through, trying to do our best, and feeling like we are failing. 

I want to take the pressure off you. To reassure you. To help you cut through the overwhelm of information and advice so you can work out what is right for you and your little one. 

My approach is blending science and intuition. Forget what everyone else is doing. Let go of your inner critic, and society's rules. Be informed by research, and then trust yourself, trust your child. Relax. Create a family life that is in tune with you.

I hope you find something that helps you find & follow your own path and be the chilled mama/papa/parent you want to be - most of the time!

Work with me

On this website there are freebies, information, downloads, and ecourses for each step of your parenting journey, with more on the way. 

There are courses, events, and freebies for your wellbeing and happiness, because you deserve it.

You can also book a consultation with me with your bump/birth/baby/parenting query.

Drop me an email to book a 15 min free chat, a longer consultation, or for free email support.

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It is easy to be stressed as a parent, there is a lot to get stressed about!

Most of us, at some time, want to be more chilled, more relaxed, because we know that will make us happier, make our children happier, and make life easier, more fun.

From my experience, personal and professional, I have distilled four aspects to being a chilled parent, wherever you are in your parenting journey. 

Download my guide: 4 steps to be a chilled mama, papa, parent.

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I have worked out there are four elements to being a chilled mama/papa/parent.


First element is to relax more, in whatever way works for you, and that means have fun as well as rest.


Second, tune into yourself, your body (what does it need), and your instinct (what is it telling you). Listen to your inner self. It's wiser than you think. 


Third, lean out, find a community travelling the same way. See what skills and knowledge you can learn to help you on your parenting journey.

And fourth: be you.


To do that you may need to let go of some assumptions, some pressures, some 'unwritten rules', and make space to be you, by doing what is easy, or easier, simpler. Don't make it complicated for yourself.

Does this resonate with you?

Here you will find workshops, courses, and retreats to help you to be the chilled mama/papa/parent you want to be, for the stage of parenting you are at.

"Cathy is such a warm genuine person, full of knowledge and a passion for supporting women and their families."

"Cathy has been a huge help on my journey into motherhood, with her calming manner and reassuring words. Words underpinned by knowledge of the research and science of pregnancy, labour and birth, feeding, sleep, weaning, and other important areas of new babies' lives.

She also knows that we can't just look after the new babies, parents are also important. 

I have gone to several of Cathy's courses and retreat days now and can only recommend her warmly, like a buoy in the rough sea that is parenthood."

"Cathy is a fantastic doula, she has a lovely chilled vibe and really knows her stuff. I felt very comforted and safe with her during my laobur. I would also really recommend any of the courses she runs; she's been doing this a long time and has a lot of experience."

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I work with people all over the country, and across the world through my online courses and services.


I live in Toddington, Bedfordshire & deliver workshops and courses in Luton, Dunstable, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Leighton Buzzard & areas in between.


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