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New Baby Masterclass 
- how to have a Chilled Baba

Prepare for the first days and weeks with your new baby. Responsive parenting approaches have been shown to help a baby's brain to grow, and for the baby to be calm and more contented. 

This amazing antenatal baby care masterclass will equip you with an understanding of your baby's brain at birth, how it develops, and what you can do to help; and will look at strategies for sleep and baby calming. You will know what to expect in the first few days, weeks and months.

Did you know that you can reduce the amount your baby cries? Yes, it's true - just by cuddling and carrying your baby more. A baby that is held for three hours or more over the
day, cries 43% less than a baby who is not held that much. 

Did you know that babies in the West are touched just 24% of the time, compared with almost 100% in the rest of the world? Did you know that babies actually need touch to physically grow?

Did you know that some of our cutural approaches to babies are really unhelpful?
Babies are not meant to be fed 'every four' hours. They are little people, not machines, and sometimes are hungrier sooner. They have little tummies, so need to be fed little and often. 
Babies can't be manipulative; they literally do not have the brains for it.

When you understand your baby's basic needs for proximity to you and for touch, and for you to respond to them, you can then relate that to how you look after your baby, including the importance of baby wearing and massage. You can gain confidence at recognising and responding to your baby's cues. You will also know how to entertain your baby, and recognise when they are over stimulated.

Sleep is, of course, a big worry for new parents. Our cultural approach that a 'good baby' is one that sleeps 'through the night' is both unhelpful and causes baby and parent to be in conflict. In this session we look at the science of baby sleep, reset expectations, whilst also looking at what helps babies to sleep as much as possible.

This course will change your perspective (or reaffirm it). You are having your precious child and a responsive approach is all about loving and nurturing this little person.

I developed this course from my experience as a mum of five, using my psychology degree, knowledge and understanding of babies and children through years as a baby massage teacher and baby wearing adviser. 

I carried all of my babies in a sling, co-slept with the last three, and used baby massage. I am a big advocate for attachment parenting, whilst recognising that in other cultures babies are held all the time, but not just by their mum. We must create new support structures. We must be a village to each other.

I also used washable nappies and can put you in touch with some brilliant people who can help you with that.

NEXT New Baby Masterclass:
Saturday 1st July 2017,
9.30-12.30, Toddington
Cost:  £45
Partners are free.
or email me:
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Why not make the day of it and book onto the Breastfeeding Masterclass in the afternoon too?
Saturday 1st April 2017,
1.30-3.30, Toddington
Toddington has lovely cafes and pubs serving lunch so you can have the day preparing to look after your baby, with time to discuss it over lunch too.
You  £60
or email me:
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Book onto the Proactive Birth Masterclass Day plus the New Baby and Breastfeeding sessions for complete antenatal preparation - and save money.
Cost: £95
Partners are free to attend.
Any questions? Please email me ~
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