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Breastfeeding masterclass - what you need to know
What to expect in the first day and weeks; how to know baby is attached well and getting enough milk; what to do and where to get help; the eight factors that make breastfeeding more likely to be successful ~ and what you can do about it.
There are eight factors that influence getting breastfeeding off to a good start: skin-to-skin (at birth and after); good attachment; little and often (baby led); nothing but breastmilk; no teats or dummies (in the first few weeks); support at home; knowing where to get information & support; a straightforward birth*. This workshop will prepare you for the first few weeks, so you know what to expect and what to do.
(*This doesn't mean that breastfeeding will be harder if you dont have a straightforward birth but it might mean it takes a bit longer to get going - baby might be sleepier and your milk may take longer to 'come in' - so give yourself time, and do lots of skin-to-skin.)
Here's an article I wrote: Seven signs of a good latch 
NEXT Breastfeeding Masterclass:
Saturday 1st July, 9.30-12.00
Cost £35
Partners are free.
Any questions? Please email me ~
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Book onto the Breastfeeding and the Proactive Birth masterclasses and save money.
Cost £70
Partners can attend for free.
Any questions? Please email me ~
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