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Top tips for terrific birth

Who wouldn't want to have terrific birth?
Would you like to feel more informed and prepared for giving birth?
There is a saying 'If you want to have a great birth, find a woman who had one, and do what she did.'  
In this webinar I will go through the top tips I have learned from my own experiences and from those of women I have worked with as a doula and antenatal teacher. 
Not all births are straightforward but with a bit of prep you can put yourself in the best position for everything to go as best as it can. You can also give yourself the tools to feel calm and in control whatever happens.
This online workshop will cover steps you can take in pregnancy to prepare your mind, your team, and your environment. It will cover tools such as breathing, massage, visualisations and positions, all of which are proven not only to help you cope, but also reduce the discomfort, and help the birth go well. It will also cover knowledge of how your body works in labour so you can work with it. We will cover some of the most common curve balls so you can know what to expect. 

Research has shown that a skills based antenatal education led to reduced caesareans, interventions and pain relief.

By the end of the workshop you will understand how to put yourself in the best position for all to go well. You will feel more positive about giving birth and be confident in the skills you can learn. 
The webinar will be recorded so you can catch up with any you miss or re-watch it. You will also be sent a video about breathing through contractions; 4 MP3 relaxations and visualisations; an info sheet 'Negotiating your care'; and other useful links. 
You also get £15 off my virtual doula service, which is like having a doula in your pocket, with one to one support through pregnancy, birth, and the first couple of weeks as a parent.
"Catherine is an incredible woman with lots of knowledge to share. Her approach is in a relaxed way that makes you more in control and understand things better."
"I have gone to several of Catherine's courses now and can only recommend her warmly, like a buoy in the rough sea that is parenthood."
"Cathy is a fantastic doula, she has a lovely chilled vibe and really knows her stuff. I felt very comforted and safe with her during my labour. I would also really recommend any of the courses she runs, she's been doing this a long time and has a lot of experience."

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