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Mama & Bubba

Nurture Days

Walking the labyrinth
Pregnancy Mum Postnatal Retreat Chilled Mama
Mama Retreat Day labyrinth Chilled Mama Tofte Manor
Chilled Mama Retreat Day pregnancy postnatal Tofte Manor
Pregnancy Postnatal Retreats Chilled Mama
Retreat Day Chilled Mama
Closing the bones Mama Retreat Day Chilled Mama
"We loved the Mama and Bubba nurture day and I was really surprised by how emotional the closing of the bones ceremony and walking the labyrinth would make me: such a wonderful way to celebrate the 10 months with my son and renewing of energy for continuing with this journey that is motherhood! Cathy is a lovely caring person who obviously wants to provide support and nurturing to each and every mama who she meets." Rachel

Come and be nurtured!

Bring your baby and enjoy a day away, full of relaxation and mindfulness exercises, while your babies play, feed, nap.


Open to mums and dads with babies under one (ish). We're going to relax, enjoy good food and great company.


Throughout the day you can totally chill out with your baby. We'll all be looking out for each other's babies. And you may even enjoy a short time on your own to have a hand massage, read a book, wander the grounds, or have a nap.


"If anyone is worried about going alone then don’t! I was waiting on a few friends confirming this yr and in the end just booked on as loved it last year even though I knew no one, everyone was very welcoming and relaxed- the venue is amazing and wedding worthy with a lovely labyrinth which gave me some clarity and direction in my life and if your into crystals the energy from the huge ones are amazing too! Cathy provided really lovely food and lunch and I’m sure a vegan option too and a range of drinks including herbal teas and vegan snacks, and you get to drink the purest water I’ve ever had which runs under the labyrinth! It really is a great day!" Jo


Here's a run through of the day:

There will be coffee/tea, cakes and snacks on arrival in the room that is our base for the day. These refreshments are available all day. I will make people as many hot cups of tea as they want! We will then go over to the yoga room, with it's heated floor. Here we will do some singing with the babies and some relaxation/mindfulness exercises, ones you can do sitting with your baby on your lap, boosting our oxytocin and endorphins, and helping us to release any tension, and be ready to enjoy the day, leaving the worries of the world behind.


Then we will head out through the grounds to the beautiful labyrinth. Have you seen the pictures? A labyrinth is flat, no hedges. There is just one path. So no decisions to be made. The path is very twisty so you can't work out where you are going so you just have to put one foot in front of the other. So it is a great exercise in mindfulness and being in the moment. You follow the path to the centre and then back out again. The saying goes: in a maze you lose yourself, in a labyrinth you find yourself. Some people use the time to contemplate their journey to or through motherhood, others simply enjoy the peace. Babies can be in slings, or pushed round in buggies. Or if they are asleep in their prams I will keep an eye on them.


You will then have time to wander and explore the grounds before lunch. Lunch is homemade vegetarian soup, choice of two, with bread from my local bakery. If the children are eating age then I will bring carrot and courgette muffins, humus, cucumber. There will also be lots of fruit, and cakes for pud.


In the afternoon we will do a closing the bones ceremony. This is a traditional Mexican postnatal tradition. It recognises the huge transition of becoming a mum. To grow your baby your body has to open, you bones separate, your organs move out of the way; to give birth you open, one way or another you have to open to give birth to your baby; to nurture your baby you open your heart and your whole life. Closing the bones is a physical and emotional bringing you back to yourself. It involves being wrapped in a series of rebozos (Mexican shawls): round your head, your chest, your tummy, your hips, your legs and your feet. You rest there before being carefully unwrapped. The giving and receiving of the closing of the bones by other mums, especially other women who have been with you through your journey is very powerful.


We will end the day with some more relaxation, and if babies are awake, some songs and rhymes. And of course, another cup of tea and more cake before everyone heads home.


It is a very relaxed day, and hopefully everyone will find it fun and nurturing for them and their baby.


With the lunch and refreshments, dietary needs will be met, wherever possible. Let me know what you can/can't have and I will do my best to provide. I can bring the right milk for your tea. The soup and some of the cakes will be vegan/dairy free.

"The moment I walked in I was handed a cup of tea, a biscuit and encouraged to sit down and relax. It was warm and toasty in the room and very welcoming. I then thought I wouldn’t get time to relax with a 10 month old but I completely relaxed into the closing the bones ceremony as my son was being cared for by 8 other women in our little mini village that was created for the day. The warm flooring, breathing exercises, calm and tranquillity and gorgeous food meant I left feeling so relaxed and at peace. I know everyone has different barriers to getting to things, totally understand as my son screamed in the car until he was 7 months, but I left Cathy’s oasis feeling so peaceful. I cannot praise these days enough ladies."  
I have no dates set for these Mama & Bubba Nurture Days.
You are welcome to come to my Mama Retreat Day instead, and bring your baby.
"I recharged my soul today."
"I absolutely loved the day and thought it was very good value. It really was a very special day." Susie
"Who knew you could relax with a bunch of crawling, yelping babies! They blissed out!"
Deposit (£20) payable on booking; remainder due a fortnight before retreat day. Payment in installments. 
Bring a friend or three for £64 each.  Please pay the deposit and then email me.
Only eight places on each Mama and Bubba Retreat Day. Small group to make it more nurturing.
Would you like a private Mama & Bubba Nurture Day for just your group of friends?
I can arrange this for a Tues or Wed, or possibly Thursday. Minimum 7 people. Cost £62 each.
Email me:
I am on a very restricted diet (dairy soya and egg free). Will there be anything for me to eat?
Yes! The lunch is vegan soup. And I do vegan snacks and cakes too. In the past soya free women have brought their own bread roll but I am hoping to source these myself. I do ask for dietary requirements and try to meet them. I have brought the milk that clients requested, e.g. almond, even specific brand.
My baby is quite high needs. Will I really be able to relax?
Yes! My aim for the day is to give women a relaxing day that they can take their baby to. The relaxations are designed to be done with your baby. You can be sitting up with your eyes open, watching your baby play in the ball pit and with the toys. I have a light show for them to watch too. Babies tend to respond to the atmosphere and are quiet chilled. Plus you will simply feel more relaxed because you are with others in the same boat, everyone has their baby. It is a slow relaxed day. And you are being well looked after by me, with refreshments. Some of the peeps who have been on them before have commented in their feedback about their experience of relaxing with a baby. 
I don't drive. Is there any help to get to the venue?
Yes! Just drop me an email. I have picked people up from train stations or arranged for them to get lifts before.
My baby is 13 months. Can I still come?
Yes! Under one year is just guidance. It is all about whether you think your baby will be happy and entertained with the day. Toddlers who want to run off and explore may get bored. The other option is one of my Mama Retreat Days which are held at the weekend.
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