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Introduction to ​

Chilled Parenting


Make parenting more fun!


Would you like parenting to be more fun?


Does parenting feel hard and heavy, like a battle sometimes? Not what you'd signed up for?

Do you worry if you are doing it 'right'?

Do you wonder if you are missing a trick?

This short and sweet workshop will give you some simple tools and tweaks to make parenting easier, and more fun.

It will not make you a 'perfect' parent because there is no such thing, but it will make you happier & more chilled.

  • How enjoying time with your children can make other times easier

  • Listening 

  • Age appropriate expectations

  • Guiding vs discipline

  • Simple words and phrases that can turn your day around

  • Taking care of yourself & each other

This workshop is for mums, dads, step parents, with babies, toddlers, and pre schoolers, but will also work for older children and teenagers. 


This workshop is based on my experience of delivering  parenting programmes and one to one work with families, when I managed a Sure Start children's centre, where I also wrote a parenting course and trained practitioners. The postnatal parenting course I wrote with one of my family workers, Baby Days, has been delivered across all the children's centres in Central Bedfordshire for the last five years.

The webinar will take place on

Wednesday 2nd September, 7.30 - 9.00 pm

A recording will be sent out so you can catch up if you miss any.

Plus a follow up email full of tips and links. 

The webinar is open to all parents, expecting parents, and those who work with them.

Cost: £25

This workshop is part of a series of Wednesday Workshops. The more you book, the more you save.

I am a teacher, parenting practitioner, psychology graduate, baby massage teacher, doula, antenatal teacher, and mum of five children aged 10-24.  Here they are.

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