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Chilled Papa

Dads-to-be play a really important role in the birth, yet can feel sidelined.  It's your baby too. And it is your partner going through it all. Chilled Mama's unique antenatal preparation helps you to be as calm, confident and in control as possible.  


Know how to support your woman during birth: where to massage and how hard; how to keep the focus on their woman; how to negotiate with the professionals to get the best care.  


The most important person at the birth of a baby, after the woman of course, is not the midwife or doctor.  The woman could give birth without them - it is great for them to be there, especially if there are known issues, but the woman's body will just get on and give birth irrespective.  However, in order for the birth hormones to work and birth to go well, the labouring woman needs to feel secure, safe, private and able to let go and let it happen.  The one person who is best placed to create that environment, the person who knows the woman best, is her partner. 

On this page you'll find details of online and in person services to help you.

Top Tips for

Birth Partners

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Home Birth FAQs

for partners

The stats on safety, transfer etc

Reasons for transfer & emergencies.


90 min video plus resources


doulas for dads

An article I wrote for The Green Parent magazine.


What the heck is a doula?

birth partners course

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chilled mama's lounge

Come and hang out with me, and other dads and mums in my facebook group.

Chill, chat, connect.

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