Day dream your way to a better birth

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Would you like to feel more relaxed? And prepare for your baby's birth whilst day dreaming?

What if you could daydream your way to an easier birth?


Wouldn’t it be good to have a way to prepare for labour without really doing anything?

Visualisations are like guided daydreams, using memories of images, colours, sounds, smells to build a story, often a metaphor.

Visualisations lay down paths in the brain similar to real life experiences. You give birth with your subconscious mind. Even if it just helps you to relax in labour that lets the labour hormones flow and birth to go as well as possible.

If all this sounds good, I have created a set of visualisations for you to download and do at home. I call it ‘Birth Dreaming’. It includes a guide to using visualisations and developing your own, plus some bonus pregnancy relaxation.

Using the tools in this downloadable course will help you relax, unwind and focus on your baby. At the same time, without any extra effort from you, you will be preparing your body and mind for your baby's birth. 


Listening to the downloadable MP3s will be a little oasis in your busy days, a perfect pregnant pause to totally chill out. 

Practising relaxation helps your body respond and relax in labour. Visualisations train your subconscious to respond and react in the way you want to help you cope and enjoy your labour. 


With my second baby I designed a visualisation for myself in which I imagined I was in a rain forest and my legs became like tree trunks as I connected with the nature around me. I actually ended up giving birth in exactly that position. 

A useful, practical course that has left me feeling more confident. I can do this!

A useful box of tools for birth and preparation.

A down to earth approach.

Has really built my confidence to believe I can to this!

Being able to relax in labour: 

  • Reduces the pain (gas and air and pethadine work because they are muscle relaxants).

  • Lets the birth hormones flow, giving you a shorter labour.

  • Gives you tools to help you cope with the waves of power (aka contractions/surges)

  • Helps you cope with whatever happens.

  • Gives you distraction tools if you have an epidural or caesarean.

It also helps you sleep in pregnancy!

After the session I had the best night's sleep I'd had in a long time.


Visualisation is a tool used by athletes and top business people, and people wanting to change their lives (i.e. stop smoking, get over fear of flying.) 
Aids relaxation, helping you to go into a deeper relaxed state.
Creates neural pathways in the brain so you can train your body to do stuff by day dreaming. 

Plus - I will teach you the best and easiest 'breathing through contractions' technique. I used it with all of mine to great effect.

I surprised myself by not even needing gas and air!

Penny Simkin, antenatal educator and first doula trainer, says that women who cope well with labour do the three Rs: relaxation, repetition, and ritual.

World renowned midwife Mary Cronk recommends 'going saggy with the contractions'. 

You will have a Mp3 of the relaxation and each visualisation plus a caesarean preparation visualisation.

You can tap into my knowledge and experience of 15 years of supporting women and couples prepare for meeting their baby as an antenatal teacher and doula. 

Course bundle includes: 

  • a centering relaxation MP3 to get you started

  • 'Relaxation ripple': a simple relaxation technique MP3

  • Beach visualisation MP3 relax and tune into your baby

  • Sea visualisation MP3 

  • Hill climb visualisation MP3 

  • Holding the baby visualisation MP3 

  • free Birth Dreaming guide to getting the most from your visualisations - and how to create your own

Share the MP3s with your partner so they can help you when you are in labour..

"I would just like to say how wonderful Cathy is and if you are wondering whether to use her or not please do. My birth was nearly in a car on the way to hospital and yet I stayed calm the whole time due to the excellent skills she had taught me. It was an amazing labour and birth, that I felt in control of the whole time. Thank you so much."


"I would highly recommend Cathy for pregnancy relaxation (well, anything baby related tbh). If this had have been an option when I was pregnant I would have jumped at the chance. And worth every penny and more!"

Here's a relaxing visualisation to help you sleep.

Can you really prepare for birth while day dreaming?


Download all MP3s  and the guide: do them in your own time. I recommend listening to two a week, more if you are near to giving birth. 

Special offer for

'virus time':


(instead of£60) 

(Sign up to my free anxious to excited for more chance to have a chilled pregnancy)



When can I listen to the MP3s?

As soon as you download them you can start listening and benefiting. You could listen to it on the train, or relaxing at home on the sofa or in bed. You could even listen in the shower. Just don't listen while you are driving or operating machinery! 


Do I need to wear anything special or light candles?

Nah, be comfortable. Best to do it whenever you can. If you want to light candles then lovely, but don't wait to only listen when you have the 'right' environment, you might not every do it.


What's included in the cost?

Two relaxation and four visualisation MP3 downloads.  A pdf guide to getting the most out of your visualisation practise.


How many weeks pregnant should I be?

The course is suitable from early pregnancy.  

What's the difference between your relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis?

Visualisations and relaxation are two of the central components in self-hypnosis for pregnancy and birth.  Hypnobirthing courses are usually £200 or more.


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