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Being mum Being me

Find your path. Find your balance. Find yourself.

Feeling like you don't know where you are under the label of mum?

Weighed down by juggling it all?

Feel like the old you is hidden, never to return? 
Find a new path. Find balance. Let go of shit. Feel energised and inspired.  

I remember becoming a mum. I was prepared for the tiredness (as much as you can be). I was prepared for the disruption to our lives. I was prepared for the practicalities. I was not prepared to lose myself. 

I was used to being an independent woman. I had studied. I had worked. I had earned my own money. I attended women's rights marches, and women's conferences. I was confident.

And then I had my first child. I was swamped. Our equal roles seemed to disappear out of the window. I was financially dependent. I loved being  a mum (most of the time). I didn't want to not be with my daughter, my children. But there was no time for me. Most of my friends did not have children yet.

I had changed too. I had learnt new things. I had changed priorities. I had to find a new me. A me that combined the old me, and the new me. 

I learnt the hard way that there is not a set way to be a mum, which was quite hard; I'd have liked more detailed instructions for success. There is no perfect mum. We cannot be all things. We cannot do all things. We have to chose to let go of what we can't do. To be the imperfect mum and woman that we are. Our own path. 

Let's find a new version of motherhood. Find you inside the mum you are. Integrate the new you. 

In this course you will

  • Examine your and society's pre-conceived notions of motherhood.

  • Let go of being perfect and accept that you are shit at some things, and bloody awesome at others. And that is good.

  • Let go of some expectations you put on yourself.

  • Identify steps to take today to create your new reality.

  • Take energy and affirmation from the other amazing women in the group. 

  • Feel inspired, strengthened, and invigorated. 

The workshop is for women of children of any age, but is particularly suitable for those with little ones.

There is an option to have a journal posted to you with prompts to get your started, and another option to get the journal PLUS a little goody bag of extras. 

Journalling at one of my retreat days
I work with women as a doula, and providing antenatal and postnatal courses, and retreats for women.
I see you. 
I see the different struggles you go through. 
I see the strength you have even when you don't. 
I know some of you are doing parenting alone, or might as well be.
Some of you have a difficult relationship with your own mother and are navigating past that to find your own way to be a mum.
Some of you get your mothering from your dad. 
Some of you have strong networks, some don't. 
Some of you have battled with low self-esteem, or mental health for years, and are still showing up every day to be an awesome mum, even though you don't feel it.
 Some of you cry every night because you think you aren't doing it 'right'.
All of you worry that you could be doing this better. 
I see you. 
Monday 18th September
7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

£24 - £37


Option A - standard price: £24

Option B - includes a journal posted to you: £29.

Option C - inc journal and extras posted to you: £37

Small group. Places are limited.

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