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Baby sleep workshop

Two hour workshop covering expectations, reality, and techniques for good sleep habits. Includes safer sleep information.
How much should my baby be sleeping?
Is bed sharing safe?
Should I let my baby sleep on me?
Should I leave my baby to self soothe?
When will it get better?
What information can I trust?
The session will cover: normal biological sleep needs of babies; babies' sleep cycles; physical and emmotional development, including brain development; how sleep changes over the first year; what helps and what hinders sleep; tips and hints for good sleep and transitions; why crying it out is not good for babies.
This is not a 'how to get your child to sleep through the night' workshop.  We will look at some great tips that can help but it will also give a you a better understanding of what is happening with your baby.  We will also look at why we do not recommend leaving your baby to cry themselves to sleep, nor strategies that include this. 
Here's a video I made about Baby Sleep:
These sleep workshops are limited to eight families maximum, so that there is time for individual situations to be addressed.  Partners are welcome.  I am intending to run some of these workshops at the weekend.

As manager of the Sure Start children's centre in Shefford I have helped individual parents with baby sleep questions and run baby sleep workshops. I co-wrote the postnatal course, Baby Daze, which is being delivered in children's centres across Central Bedfordshire, and trained all the staff delivering that course, which includes baby sleep.  I have also used my knowledge of sleep from my psychology degree and strategies from my parenting practicitioner training.  
This is what parents have said about previous workshops:

'Informal and informative session'               'Knowledgeable and approachable style of Catherine'

'Handouts additional to course content and very handy.'

'Your reassuring way made me feel better about my baby’s sleeping and encouraged me to think more about how day affects night.'

'Learned new things related to our expectations and how to cope with the following months.'

'Group sharing experiences helped as well.'

'Well organised and structured.'                         'Learnt new ideas and tips on sleep strategies.'

'Great to hear other parents experiences are similar to your own.'

'Thorough coverage of useful info.'

Cost:£25 per family  (So no extra cost for bringing partners, grandparents.  And, of course, babies & children are welcome.  I'll bring some toys.)
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Next workshop:
Friday 31st March,

I can come to your house for an individual session (£60) or do the workshop for a group of friends (£20 each).

For more information and/or to book your place, please email me

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