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Retreat Boxes


Wellbeing retreats through your letterbox


Everything you need to have a wellbeing retreat delivered to your letterbox.


I'm not able to hold my retreat days at the moment, so I thought I would think of a way to bring the retreat days to you, so you can enjoy the calm, the self discovery, the positive glow of deep relaxation, contemplation, and peace. 

We are stuck at home, but need a little bit of calm and tranquility. 

We need time to contemplate, to connect with ourselves, to unwind, to simply be. 

Each retreat box comes with just what you need to relax and reflect, just as if you were at one of my retreat days. There are yummies, some tools for contemplation, a guide to get you started and downloadable relaxations to help you tune out of your busy life, and find your inner peace. 

Not just for mums - or women.

Feedback from a friend's brother, who she bought a retreat box as a Christmas present:

"I just finished the mini retreat. Very well put together and relaxing."

Buy one for yourself, to help you maintain your calmness or gift to a friend, or loved one.

Makes a perfect Valentine's or Mother's Day gift.

Mini retreat box

Great for an hour or two, or even 10 minutes here and there. 

Labyrinth journal/notebook, pen, stickers, journal/contemplation prompt cards, affirmation cards, Pukka herbal tea bag, mini Green and Blacks chocolate, a tealight, and downloadable relaxation and meditation MP3s.

Retreat box

Enjoy a day, an afternoon, a couple of evenings of relaxation and reflection. 

Everything in the mini retreat box PLUS handmade organic lavender eye pillow, a second Pukka herbal tea bag, a sachet of hot chocolate or filter coffee, a pack of two fair trade biscuits/cookies, more stickers, a second mini bar of Green and Blacks chocolate, a pack of colouring pencils, and two more downloadable relaxation and meditation MP3s.


Parent tranquillity box

A perfect new parent, Mother's Day, or special occasion gift. Or treat yourself. You deserve it!

Being a parent is exhausting, especially if experiencing sleep deprivation. It can be hard to find time to relax and recharge, and when you do, relaxing can be difficult. In this box you will find all you need to use your senses to find a moment or two of tranquillity, so you can relax, recharge and be ready to go again.

Contents: Wellbeing zine for mums, Pukka herbal tea bag, Green & blacks chocolate; affirmation cards; handmade organic lavender eye pillow; and more.


Don't like herbal tea?

Swap for a sachet of Clipper hot chocolate or a filter coffee bag. No extra cost.


Let me know and I will switch the Green and Blacks chocolate for a Nomo free from chocolate bar. Product tested by my vegan friend, who says it is yummy! No extra charge.

Gift for a friend?

Send a gift message with the box. Input their address at checkout/PayPal. If there is a problem, let me know. If you are ordering several for different addresses put a note in the comment box and I will email you to confirm details.

Gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day?

What a great idea! Let me know and I will pop something extra in. 

To come:

Serenity box: Like the Parent tranquillity box, but with a journal and colouring pencils instead of the magazine.

Pukka herbal tea bag, Green & blacks chocolate; affirmation cards; handmade organic lavender eye pillow; and more.

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Sourcing products

  • I am committed to ethical and environmentally responsible shopping. 

  • I support fair trade, and fair wage. 

  • Many of the products are homemade, recycled, or from small businesses, or at least ethical businesses. 

  • I am working to source other products to replace those that aren't. 

  • The boxes are made in the UK from recycled paper, and are recyclable.

  • I am open to suggestions and feedback.

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