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Connections: how to grow and happy and confident child from birth. 

Early interactions grow the connections in your baby's brain, and build a strong attachment to you, giving them happiness and confidence. Learn more about how your baby's brain develops, and what helps them grow, learn, and what impacts their emotions and behaviour.


Did you know that when a baby is born their brain is only 20% the size of an adult's, but by the time they are two it is 80%. The period from conception to a child's birthday is called the '1001 critical days'.


This booklet will help you understand how your interactions, response, and connection with your baby helps your baby's brain to grow, and helps them to feel safe, secure, happy, and confident. Building blocks for their future. 


It includes information about attachment, infant brain development, how their brain develops and changes, tips and ideas to develop the bond, and games and songs for your baby. 

Chilled Mama's guide to Connections

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