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Making decisions and negotiating your care

My body. My baby. My decisions.

Would you like to feel more confident advocating for yourself?

Do you want to consider different options?

In this course you'll learn tools and phrases to help you be politely assertive, and that can open doors, and help you to feel in control and not swept along. 

It will also help you make a subtle change of mindset to view your appointments in a different light. 

It is reasonable to want to make personalised decisions about your pregnancy and your baby's birth. We are talking about body autonomy, and the health and wellbeing of you and your baby. NHS review 'Better Births' concluded that personalised care is safer than applying blanket policies. 

Read more about knowing your rights in pregnancy and birth.


The aim of the course is to help you to

  • Understand your options and your rights.

  • Weigh up the options and your situations.

  • Work out what is important to you and what path you want to take.

  • Feel confident in discussing this with your midwife and/or doctor.

  • Feel calm and excited about meeting your baby.

The course is in four parts.  

Part one - wanting individualised care is sensible

Part two - you know your body, and your baby

Part three - you are a autonomous adult who can make decisions

Part four - you are the parent

In each section there will be a video, links to articles or pdfs, downloadable tasks, affirmations,  plus visualisations to relax and empower you. 

You can complete the sections in your own time. 

If you have any problems, or questions please email me

COURSE IS NOT LIVE YET. Join my mailing list to be informed.

Special launch price £47 (normally £75)


  • Breathing through contractions video

  • Half price Birth Dreaming course

  • 1-1 chat with me about your specific situation this can be arranged for £39, which is more than 30% off my usual fee. 

This course is free to my doula and virtual doula clients. 

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