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Calm before Christmas

Stock up on your wellbeing.

Put yourself on your Christmas list.

Bring your peace this holiday season.

Calm before Christmas
- and all the way through the holidays.

Christmas holidays have to be one of the busiest, most stressful times for mums, even with a partner who shoulders their share (they might like to do this too). The change in routine is unsettling, for us and for the kids. The children are excited and need entertaining, and support with their emotions. There are more activities, and more people's needs to consider. Plus Christmas can bring up a whole host of emotions, for us, for our partners, for our children. Cue overwhelm, exhaustion, and short fuses.

You are important. It is easy to feel lost, overwhelmed, and defeated by what we think we should be doing, or should be feeling. Use short and easy wellbeing programme to stock up on your wellbeing, with five days to bring your peace throughout the holidays.

"Thank you for this Calm before Christmas. A real gift."

Sign up any time from 1st December through to the New Year.

Everything is on a online portal, app, and a downloadable workbook (restbook!).


The resources include a workbook, downloadable sheets, MP3, and other useful stuff. I'm particularly pleased with the decision flow chart for when you are feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list.

"These have been so lovely and so wonderfully created, really helped me."


Make your Yuletide 'Cooltide'. Bring your Calm before Christmas, and all the way through it, for just £5.

"It helped me realise that if I'm not well and relaxed, it's not going to be a fun Christmas for the kids.

My mental and physical health is important."

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