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a tool for calm and contemplation

Labryinth at Tofte Manor.jpg
The aim of a maze is to find its centre. The aim of a labyrinth is to find your centre.

Labyrinths are a simple and effective tool for parents and expectant parents

  • to bring you calm,

  • give you space to think, and

  • time to slow down and just be.


There are so many options as a parent, or expectant parent, so many choices, ideas, demands. It can be difficult to find our own way, our own path to follow.

There is more to come. I am just starting to add to this page. 

Labyrinth close up Mama Retreat Day Cath
I have created a simple e-course showing you how to create and use simple labyrinths to use at home. There are finger labyrinths for your fingers to 'walk', great for when you only have 10 minutes, and bigger floor labyrinths for a longer, more immersive experience.
Children love making and using labyrinths, though they use them to run, showing us how to have joy. 
Find out more HERE.
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