Virtual doula

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"Catherine is a mine of information regarding pregnancy and birth. She provided us with so much info when we were expecting twins, she gives you great confidence in yourself and what your body is capable of."

"You helped us so much when we were expecting E, even though we didn't have the birth experience we'd hoped for, your knowledge and advice allowed us to take some control. Thank you."

Message or email me to arrange a free, no obligation online chat, or to get more information.

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If you would like personal support during pregnancy and even birth, someone you can run things through with, or ask for information about things you are worrying about, then why not employ me as your virtual doula. A doula in your pocket!


Imagine coming back from the midwife and being worried about something, or not understanding something.  Now imagine being able to drop a text or email to me.  Imagine being in late pregnancy and trying to decide what to do.  As your virtual doula you can simply email or message me and we can discuss your options.  I can send you info on the latest research and alternatives.

If you are anxious about giving birth I can help you with tools and tips, giving you reassurance and confidence.


Maybe you are finding the maternity care is not as personalised to you as you need, or you are wanting to be doing things differently to what is being suggested. I can give you moral support; be an independent but knowledgeable person to talk thing through with; and give you tools to work through what you want and how to get it.  

I have been doing this for years.  And helped lots and lots of women and their partners as they sort out their care.  I have even had phone calls from women in labour, asking what their options are.

I particularly love working with women who are looking for options beyond the norm: home birth, older women, high bmi, vbac, hbac (home birth after caesarean), twins, breech. Helping them to have options when they feel there aren't any.

Other doulas ask me for advice and information, especially to do with birth rights, home birth, water birth, and vbac. 


You may not live near me, or may not want someone at the birth, or you may have a doula, but you would benefit from my expertise and coaching.  The next best thing to having me there in person.


I have years of experience and broad knowledge of birth and related issues.  I have helped lots of women negotiate their care.


Every family is unique and deserves unique care.

As your virtual doula we would have up to 3 online sessions, plus I would be available for you by phone, email, and text up to the birth, and then the weeks after when you have a new baby. 


I will send you relevant links, videos and MP3s.

I will go on call for you from 37 weeks and you can ring me in labour if you need support with decision making or keeping calm. We can even do an online session in labour. 

Any of my online workshops that happen during your pregnancy you can access for free.

All that personal care and support for just £395.  


Pay now or message me for more details. I am very happy to do a free initial chat online so we can meet face to face and chat about the support you would like.      07906290955