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Partners free.

You don't have to be pregnant to attend. Many come before they get pregnant again, so they are prepared.

Discount for professionals working with expectant couples, such as doulas, hypnobirthing teachers, yoga teachers who would like to increase their knowledge and confidence in talking to clients about vbac. Please email me.


(Home Birth After Caesarean)

This is a recording of an online webinar I did, with all the links.

It is completely free.

Click here.

VBAC information

I have collected  together some of the useful bits of information and research for women considering birth after caesarean. It is a work in progress. Please get in touch if you want anything else.

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VBAC masterclass

(vaginal birth after caesarean)


Be informed. Be confident.

So you've had a caesarean. What does that mean for future births?

  • Maybe you're not pregnant yet, but want to know if you can have a better experience this time, and how to prepare for it.

  • Maybe you had a elective caesarean and now want to prepare for vaginal birth.

  • Perhaps you want to prepare for what to expect, or maybe you want to make different choices from what's offered, such as no continual monitoring, water birth or home birth.

  • Maybe you are weighing up whether to go for a vbac or another caesarean.


Whilst opting for a vbac is now the most common option, there are still plenty of questions for a women whose had a previous caesarean.  For some it is the practical questions; others want the facts, such as, what are the statistics on scar rupture; whilst for  many there are the personal/emotional, how can I have a better experience.  If you had a difficult or traumatic birth, the desire to have control this time can feel at odds with the standard vbac care being offered. 

Read Jo's vbac story. Jo attended my vbac workshop and had a waterbirth in a midwife led unit.

This workshop can give you some answers, and help you feel calm, confident and in control. I have supported over a hundred women having another birth after caesarean. My aim is not vaginal birth for everyone, but that everyone feels they make the choices that are right for them.

"Highly recommend this workshop! 
I attended and learnt a huge amount which I’m sure played a large part in having an amazing VBAC experience." 

"I highly recommend this workshop as well! Helped me plan for my HBAC!" (Home birth after caesarean)


In this workshop:

* We will look at reasons for the 1st caesarean, and what influences birth outcomes. 

* We will then look at the issues for vbac, and what the statistics and latest research says.

* Then we’ll discuss the standard care for vbac and look at your options and choices,  including monitoring, water birth, home birth—and how to negotiate your care.  I will give you some great phrases to use.

* We will also discuss choosing a repeat caesarean and making a caesarean birth plan.


It is your baby, your body—so it is your choice.


I hope this workshop will give you ideas and confidence to look forward to the birth of your next baby.


You do not need to be pregnant to attend the workshop.

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