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Birth Pool

I have two inflatable birth pools to lend out. Both are from Birth Pool in a Box. They have been donated to me by other women who would like to pass them on. They come with a range of equipment, including pumps to fill the air in the pool, and drain the water.


Inflatable birth stool

CUB = comfortable upright birth

Great for sitting and leaning in late pregnancy and during labour. 

Helps you to have an upright active birth.

Five week hire £35 inc postage, pump and washable cover. £5/week extra.

From the proceeds of the hire fees I intend to buy a CUB and other equipment for the Luton & Dunstable Hospital Maternity Unit.

Coming soon

Chilled Mama t-shirts and tote bags.


Chilled Mama's library

Birth Balls

Borrow an inflatable ball for comfort in late pregnancy and in labour.

Comfortable to sit on, takes pressure off your back.

Great for leaning on. Helps you to have an upright and active birth.


Gift vouchers available

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