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Soul Warmer

In the darkness of winter is a time to turn in, to reflect, to gather strength, and prepare to spring forth as your energy rises.
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Take time to pause and reflect on where you are, on what happened last year, good and not-so-good; on how you are feeling; to acknowledge, and let go. Then turn your mind to the year ahead.

Consider what do you want your life to be like this year. Your family life. Your work life. Your life. You. How do you want to be? What do you need?

“Another beautiful, calming time of rest, relaxation and acceptance.”

“Keep spreading the joy -you do it so well.”

“Thank you for holding such a peaceful, non-judgemental space. I felt able to breathe properly for the first time in a very long time.”

Draw in your roots. Rest. Recover. (Instagram Post (Square)).png

The programme will have four steps, based on the Chilled Mama Retreat process:

  1. Draw in your roots. Rest. Reflect on 2022.

  2. Take stock. Where are you now?

  3. Turning in. Listening to your inner you.

  4. Laying the groundwork. What themes have come up? What is your word or phrase for the year? What do you need?


This process helps you to acknowledge the past year, be in the present, and have clarity about the future. 

There are four recorded sessions, one for each of the steps. You will be sent them a week apart. Plus some extra ideas for you to do in between, if you wish.


The tools we'll use include relaxation, guided finger labyrinth, reflection prompts, forest bathing ideas, and meditation/quiet reflection. You will get a pdf workbook to accompany the programme, with space for writing, drawing, scribbling your thoughts.



Here's the relaxation MP3 from the first session. 

Draw in your roots

Midwinter Soul Warmer sessions

All sessions are recorded so you can do them in your own time. There are MP3 recordings of the relaxations too.


Each session will be approximately 45 minutes. I recommend you plan to take a further 15 mins or so to rest and transition after the session, before returning to family life.

Once you sign up you will receive the first session by email within a few hours. The next three emails will be sent a week apart.

Session 1 Draw in your roots. Relax and reflect.  

Session 2:  Take stock. Reflection. 

Session 3: Turn in. Reflection and relaxation. 

Session 4: Lay the groundwork. Reflection. 

I will guide you through the process, but we are all different so my suggestions will be just that, suggestions. You can take what you want/need, and use the tools I share in the way that works for you. There will be no sharing, unless you wish to share your thoughts. 

Midwinter Soul Warmer cost:

It could only be one price: £20.23

  • Midwinter Soul Warmer is free to all those booked onto my weekend retreat. 

  • If you decide to book onto the weekend retreat after the Midwinter Soul Warmer sessions you will get £23 off your retreat place.

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"It is with the heart that we love;
The mind that we create; 
The body that we feel;
The soul that we dream;
And the spirit that we fly."

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