Dads to be play a really important role in the birth, yet can feel sidelined.  Chilled Mama's unique antenatal preparation, recognises the potential in dads-to-be.  I involve them from the start in drawing up the course programme to meet their needs and build on their strengths.  Dads want to be part of the preparation and build up to the birth of their child.  They want to know how to support their woman during birth: where to massage and how hard; how to keep the focus on their woman; how to negotiate with the professionals to get the best care.  They want to feel skilled and equiped to care for their baby.  They want to know how to care for their baby to give it the best start in life.


The most important person at the birth of a baby, after the woman of course, is not the midwife or doctor.  The woman could give birth without them - it is great for them to be there, especially if there are known issues, but the woman's body will just get on and give birth irrespective.  However, in order for the birth hormones to work and birth to go well, the labouring woman needs to feel secure, safe, private and able to let go and let it happen.  The one person who is best placed to create that environment, the person who knows the woman best, is her partner. 


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I get it now.  I need to keep the fear tigers away.