I am really pleased to share this great technique with you.  This was the key for me to get through labour without any pain relief. 


This will give you something to focus on, help you relax, and build your confidence that you can cope with every contraction/surge. This will bring the pain level down. If you lose your focus your partner will be able to easily bring you back and get you back on track.


There are other breathing techniques you can use. Some hypnobirthing courses teach you a range of different 'breaths' for different parts of labour.  And if that works for you, brilliant.  


But you only need this one.  And it is very very simple.  It was taught to me and I found it fantastic for all five births, and I've been teaching my clients ever since.

This is a one off online session for anyone anywhere in the world.  

I use Zoom an online meetings app. It's free to download and use. No adverts. Easy to use. I pay a fee to use it for my session.  It will be set up so that you can see and hear me but noone can hear or see you.  There will be a text box to join in.  


Cost: £8.  Once you've paid I'll send you an invitation with the link. 


If you can't make it on the day I will send a link for the recording the following day. It will be up for two weeks. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask me.


See you on Friday!

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