Birth Stories


Sharing stories is a powerful way to reflect on our experiences and learn from each other. Careful facilitation holds the space for each story, helps them to unfold, and draws the threads of different stories together.

It's a chance to tell your story in a safe space, whether it was a positive or traumatic experience, or somewhere in between. And the opportunity to ask questions from experienced doula and antenatal teacher. As well as hear other people's stories. We all love a birth story. 

In my years supporting women and their partners prepare to meet their babies, the birth stories from other women have been the most powerful in helping women and their partners come to terms with their story, take action and/or prepare for their baby's birth. 

Tuesday 30th January, 1.30-3.30
Toddington Methodist Church Hall
Cost £11
Children and babies welcome.

Please call or email me with any questions.

I can also do private Closing the Bones sessions, for a group of friends or just you.

Gift vouchers available

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