Antenatal preparation

Planning for the big day


We are familiar with spending thousands on weddings, and even on holidays.  We spend time researching and planning both.  The birth of your baby is at least as important - and you and your baby deserve to have the best preparation.  


I don't simply cover the information that you can get from any pregnancy magazine.  Much of that information and the information from NHS antenatal classes is about birth from the outside - how long contractions are, how many cms dilated, the pain relief that can be given and the interventions that can be done.  All of this just requires you to be a passive recipient.


The course prepares you for the birth of your baby, and builds on your knowledge of your body and emotions and how you work best. For example: contractions are muscle action; what do muscles need to work well?  Keep hydrated; keep energy levels up by eating bananas (or ...); stay relaxed; breathe steadily so the muscles get oxygen. 


As a culture we treat giving birth as some 'other' experience that we have no prior knowledge or skills to bring; a painful experience that just has to be endured.  I will equip you with confidence; with knowledge and skills to cope with whatever happens on the day.  I will teach you how to put yourself in the best position for all to go well, and how to deal with every eventuality, with confidence and control.


I love working with individual couples as I feel you get more out of the course, as it specifically tailored to you.  I think the men, and other partners, get more out of it too, as they are more involved and I am adapting the course to suit them.  See more on my 'Chilled Papa' page.


I cover within half an hour's drive from my house in Toddington, Bedfordshire.

I just had to thank you.  If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have had such a great birth.


I felt like I learnt something every moment that I was in your company and have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have found myself giving advice to other pregnant friends on things I have learnt from you! You have given me the knowledge and confidence to do that.

I honestly couldn’t recommend you highly enough. You have taught me so much and I feel ready to welcome [my baby] into the world!



What do you want from an antenatal course?


Do you want to want to look forward to meeting your baby with joy, instead of fear?


Do you want to prepare to meet your baby in your way - whether that's a planned caesarean, a home birth, or a water birth?  Do you want to explore all your options?  Do you want an epidural?  Or want as quick and as pain free a birth as possible?  Do you want to be prepared for whatever unfolds? Would you like to be supported right upto the birth and also into the first few weeks? Have someone to turn to when you have extra questions or want to decifer the midwife's notes?


Individual antenatal preparation sessions help you feel confident, relaxed, and prepared for the birth and looking after your baby. Tailored to you, they can start as early as you want and cover what matters to you. I will give you knowledge, realistic expectations, and tools to maximize your chance of getting your ideal birth.


The course will also cover everything you need to know about looking after your baby: what to expect in the first week; how you know your baby is getting enough milk; colic massage; and baby soothing techniques, including using a wrap/sling/baby carrier.


After the course I will continue to give you support and you can call, email or text me with your questions or if you want to find out more about your options or if issues arise that you  want to find out more about, or may change your plans.  I will be on hand to help with negotiating your care and in the early days with feeding and caring for your baby.

Individual antenatal course


Six sessions of two hours in your own home plus refresh session in last week.  Course content decided in conjunction with you.  Telephone and email support from booking till after the birth.  Breastfeeding support visit in the first week. Birth debrief session. Loan of birth ball, books/DVDs, relaxation MP3s. £200


Reduced rate for two couples together.


Payment in installments or partially in kind (especially gardening) can be arranged.


For second timers who may not need a full six sessions an individualised programme will be worked out.  Usually at least three 2 hour sessions.  See also the Birth after caesarean/trauma page.


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